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Sonu Nigam Warns Bhushan Kumar, Threatens to Expose Him in Connection to Marina Kuwar’s MeToo Case

After calling out the Music Mafia in Bollywood, Sonu Nigam has openly threatened T Series head honcho Bhushan Kumar of exposing him in connection to Marina Kuwar's case. Check out the full story below...


Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has led to people calling out nepotism and the alleged hypocrisy of Bollywood celebrities. The actor’s tragic step has paved the way for untold stories and artists are coming forward to share their own experiences of struggles in the industry.

In an Instagram video shared a few days ago, singer Sonu Nigam exposed the dark reality of the Music industry in Bollywood and opened up about the plight of new singers. Reacting to the uproar around nepotism and work culture of Bollywood, Sonu had stated that the music industry is a bigger mafia.

And now Sonu Nigam has shared another video with an open warning to T-Series head honcho, Bhushan Kumar. The singer claims that after he posted his first video, a group of six musicians went on record and gave interviews against him. While he did not name the singers, he openly challenged Bhushan Kumar of messing with the wrong person. 

Nigam also pointed out singer Armaan Malik’s tweet from December 2018 where Armaan talked about the absence of unity in the music industry and how musicians in the industry are unhappy. Cut to today, his brother and musician Amaal Malik is of an opposite view and discussed the same in a recent interview. Sonu Nigam raised fingers at the alleged hypocrisy of the Malik brothers after Amaal challenged his views regarding the music mafia comment.

However, Amaal has clarified over the same and stated that he only talked about his own views and did not challenge anyone else.

Check out Armaan and Amaal’s tweet here:

Sonu Nigam also lashed out at a popular news media for allegedly publishing a press release from Bhushan Kumar without making any changes. He slammed the news portal as ‘paid media’ and pointed out at the media nexus.

In the video, Nigam said, “Now I have to take your name Bhushan. You are not alone. You have messed with the wrong person.” He alleged that Bhushan used to come to his house for help and begged him to make a Deewana album with T-series. Sonu Nigam also alleged that Kumar begged him to make him meet Smita Thackeray and Bal Thackeray.

Furthermore, Sonu Nigam also made some shocking revelations and threatened to expose Bhushan Kumar. The singer alleged that Bhushan sought his help to save himself from gangster Abu Salem. Nigam also mentioned Marina Kunwar’s controversy and threatened to upload a video on his Youtube channel.

“Remember Marina Kunwar? And the allegations she made? Why did she say this and why did she back out? Media knows. I have her video. If you mess with me, I will upload her video on my YouTube channel. Don’t mess with me,” he said.

He captioned the video as "Laaton ke MAFIA baaton se nahi maante". Check out Sonu Nigam's video here;

For the uninitiated, in 2018 during an interview with Aaj Tak, Marina Kuwar accused Bhushan Kumar and Sajid Khan of sexually harassing her. The case was brushed under the carpet and died soon. Now, Sonu Nigam has threatened Bhushan Kumar regarding the same case.

Have a look at the video:


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