Sonia Singh happy with onscreen motherhood..

Sonia Singh tells us she is no hurry to follow her character Dr. Kirti from Star One’s Dil Mill Gayye, as she is happy just with ‘onscreen motherhood’!

In Star One's Dil Mill Gayye, Dr. Kirti has her hands full more than ever. Now apart from taking care of her naughty interns, she will have to take care of the junior, taking shape inside her. But the lady who brings Dr. Kirti to life- Sonia Singh, is in no hurry to experience the bounty of motherhood.

Sonia says, "I'm happily married and I'm taking life as it comes. Surely, I'm in no hurry to become a mom!"

Apparently, it's the second time around for Sonia that she gets to be preggers onscreen. She says, "I got to play an expectant mother as Sush in Bhabhi too!"

So what changes can we expect in Dr. Kirti in this season of DMG? She says, "Dr. Kirti was always mature unlike the other young characters in the show. So I don't know… maybe more mature if there's room for it. I will be shown as a very conscious person perhaps, because that's the way women who expect are. They have to take really good care of themselves and be very careful at all times. And as nature's gift the sense of alertness automatically increases when a woman goes through that phase. So all this could be a part of the new Dr. Kirti."

Guess the stork will just have to keep circling around Sonia now!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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shubhra_deepti 11 years ago Dr.Kirti,,, you r the Best among best,,, i love u Sonia Singh... best of luck...
realllllllman 11 years ago i really find Dr. Kirti The Most Beautiful Face on TV screen ever;;; her eyes, face, nose, hair, eyebrows, jaw-line, neck, body... everything is so so perfect... she really has the essence of a woman... moreover, an amazing actress.. hmmm
blossom11 11 years ago I really like Dr. Kirti
she does fantastic job in dmg
mysterygurl1427 11 years ago she makes DMG what it still is. I love her she is an amazing actress...and hope she is in the show till the end.
MasoomaBukhari 11 years ago I lie Dr. Kirti... I first saw her in Kumkum as Antara... Shez so pretty.
queenidda 11 years ago can someone PM me and tell me who she is married 2 in real life!
yamini lovs ksg
yamini lovs ksg 11 years ago This content is hidden.
sanaya-groverz 11 years ago This content is hidden.
Forever_Komal 11 years ago thnkx!!! luv her! but i would like to see shubanker back in the show now!!!!!
4rosegirl1 11 years ago bring shubu bakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!11
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