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Sneha Jain: I am always there for myself!

She makes sure to give herself time when she is low, and that’s how she has managed to stay happy and content.

Published: Thursday,Mar 23, 2023 16:30 PM GMT-06:00
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Sneha Jain

Whether someone else is there or not to support her, actress Sneha Jain says that she is always there for herself. She makes sure to give herself time when she is low, and that’s how she has managed to stay happy and content.

“My strength is that I don’t get hard on myself when I am broken emotionally. I cry it out and speak to myself that it’s okay and it will pass. No matter who is next to you or behind you, make sure that you are there for yourself. There are lots of emotions and so it is important to just feel what you are feeling right away. If you want to sleep the whole day, just sleep or if you want to watch TV, then just do that. I am always there for myself and I appreciate and cherish every emotion and situation in my life which never makes me feel weak. All my positives and flaws are my strength. This is life and we are made for this. I don’t need people to give me sympathy because I let myself be myself,” she says.

She adds, “Just looking back at the journey and looking at today, is the most beautiful thing. The day I didn’t have anything when I used to travel by public transport and today when I am driving my own car and have my own house, seeing these things keep me driven. You have to be happy for yourself in every situation.”

Ask her what happiness means to her, and she says, “The idea of doing whatever you want to do is happiness for me. Just the way you want to do things, not thinking about what others feel and thinking of yourself is happiness for me.”

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She adds, “Nowadays we are living in such a socially influenced and competitive world where we have pressure to do things a certain way. We should start accepting that happiness is more important than success. To become successful, we kill our happiness and this is life but for me, happiness is more important.”

In fact, she says being happy helps to be well as well. “If you're not happy then it will affect your mental and physical health. You can’t be happy forever but it’s in our hands to keep ourselves stress-free in certain situations. We should do morning workouts, meditation and yoga as well as eat healthily. We should keep an eye on what we are eating because we have to make sure to take care of our health. Whatever makes you peaceful like reading a book, or listening to music, you should keep it in practice so that you are good mentally,” she says.

Ask her what are the top things she cherishes in her life, and she says, “First of all, my people, they are the reason I am so happy. They are always there for me. Secondly, I will never be hard on myself. If I am too low, I make sure to go out or call my friends. I love water so when I am low, I go to the beach. Then I have my dogs. They are my blessings. Then I love my work. When I work, I am super happy and I cherish doing my work. Lastly, travelling makes me happy. These things are very important to me.”

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