Sindoora Singh will be back after a break...

Television's very popular vamp Sindoora Singh of Dulhann will meet with a tragic end, just to rise from the tomb after a while..

The very popular vamp of television Sindoora Singh will be presumed dead in Zee’s Banoo Main Teri Dulhann in the coming episodes..

Finally, it is the victory of good over evil with the death of Sindoora, but Amar and Divya have not managed to get her out of their life yet, as the mighty and powerful vamp will be back after a break!!

We talked to Shamashis Bhattacharya, Producer, Shakuntalam Films to get an insight to the death of Sindoora. “Well, I cannot reveal much about the way in which this interesting twist takes place. I can just say that, Sindoora has been exposed and it is during the Dusshera celebrations that the story reaches a climax where she gets punished for the sins she has committed. But she will surely come back later”.

On the future track post Sindoora’s temporary exit, Shyamashis Bhattacharya states, “We will be dealing with two parallel tracks, one of Bharat’s and the other of Amar-Divya”.

According to our well-placed source, “The track ahead will also see the comeback of Samrat, who was the left-hand to Sindoora and he might play an important role in being Sindoora’s savior”.

Shyamashis Bhattacharya did not decline the return of Samrat, played by Vishal Watwani, and said, “Yes, there is a possibility of Samrat returning, but not just now. Let’s wait and watch”.

Well, as of now, it looks like Sindoora will meet with a very tragic end, but only to rise from the tomb after a while!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Vishal Watwani

Comments (30)

i first remember seeing him or her in Kyunki

16 years ago

wish him all the best hope it all works out

16 years ago

wat on earth y r they bringin her bak jus kill her and end it xx

15 years ago

why is she gonna be back... neways we ill miss her too....

15 years ago

for a moment i forgot who Samrat as much as we all want AD 2gether..BMTD won't b the same without Sindoora..but im happy she will b baq..

15 years ago

but i dont think it will be any fun without her lol b/c you always need a villian and the good guys to keep a drama more interesting! :P
otherwise it gets boring lol

15 years ago

why is she coming back?
I dont want her to come back :(


15 years ago

no more SINNNNNNNDOORA for a while !
i cant even imagine bmtd without her :P
anyways tthanks !

15 years ago

aw dammit! why does she have to come back? but at least she'll be gone for a while. Whoop dee doo!


15 years ago

well atleast we won't see her 4 a while!
thanx anyways!

15 years ago

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