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Shortened version of MNIK for the U.S.

My Name Is Khan will be playing this summer for non-NRI audiences in theatres across the...

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My Name Is Khan will be playin
g this summer for non-NRI audiences in theatres across the US. The version of MNIK that American audiences will get to see will be different from the original film released so far for Indian audiences worldwide.

Shah Rukh Khan has confirmed the decision of shortening the film for American audiences. He has explained the action is being taken to assure an extended life span of Indian films, by initial worldwide releases, and further appended versions to suit non Indian viewers worldwide. It will thereby draw the best of profits from a venture; meanwhile reaching out to more people then ever before by meeting their requirements which do not concur with traditional Bollywood audience.

MNIK director Karan Johar on his part has said that the task of editing has been left to MNIK's editor, the experienced and all catering Deepa Bhatia, who has done everything from editing documentaries to commercial cinema, for everyone in the industry from Govind Nihalani to himself. He trusts that post her editing, the film though shorter, will retain its essence and shall not radically differ in its content. Only a newer, diverse audience friendly version at that!

Karan admits it's not excluding the songs that will determine the shape and size of the American version of MNIK. That particular audience, finds the entire song and dance difference of Bollywood films rather entertaining in a way no other industry is, so songs will remain. Deepa Bhatia meanwhile shall look at what to remove.

This summer when the film releases for a non-Diaspora audience in the US, Shah Rukh, Karan and Kajol will be in the country for the American premiere. The commitment to their American producers Fox-Star, is what shall take MNIK to America, and whatever other parts of the world are proposed in future, in whatever altered avatars.
Indeed a trendsetter, in more than one way - MNIK is here to stay, after all!

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