Shilpa Shinde's shocking experience..

Shilpa Shinde suffered a memory loss for few minutes recently.. Read to know further..

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Shilpa Shinde, who used to play Soni in Maayka until recently, experienced a weird incident recently. She was visiting her sister when all of a sudden she lost her memory for a while but then somehow managed to cope up with the situation.

"She called her sister and they planned to meet one day. Shilpa was walking down the street when she suddenly forgot of what she was doing and where she was supposed to go", says a person close to Shilpa on terms of anonymity.

Narrating the incident further our source reveals "She was looking here and there and then suddenly took out her mobile and dialed the last number. As she started talking, the actress realized that on the other side of the road was her sister standing, and she was on her way to meet her".

"The memory loss was for a very short time. If you recollect, during those days there was a buzz in the industry that Shilpa was unwell. It seems the work load has taken a toll on her. However, after that day, she has never faced such kind of a problem again", concludes the source.

Shilpa is currently on a break.

Well looking at this, she really needs a long holiday. But her fans need not worry as she is all hale and healthy now!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi


Shilpa Shinde

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bhavnaroy 11 years ago this is a wrong information ... she is absolutely fine ... i dont know who gave permission to write such things ...
sumu87 11 years ago This content is hidden.
Deepayyz 11 years ago wow some people will say anything to come in the news.
dmgSallu 11 years ago omg that sounded like kajol problem in the film me u aur hum 9is that the name? lol)
radhika_21 11 years ago wow...that''s scary!!
hope she''s fine now!
AS.. 11 years ago brownbutt
i love her a lot! i miss her as Soni!!!
-Yaz- 11 years ago woah that was strange

hope she doesn''t experience that kind of thing again
liquidfantasy 11 years ago thats strange...hope she gets well soon...if at all she is ill...
bengaligal 11 years ago thats not very good well hope she gets well
-SalShah4eva- 11 years ago oh God
thats bad
now she is fine
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