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Shilpa Shinde cast opposite Iqbal Khan in Waaris...

Aashka Goradia is out as Shilpa Shinde gets into Smriti Irani's Waaris where she will be cast opposite the very popular Iqbal Khan...

Published: Friday,Jul 11, 2008 17:07 PM GMT-06:00
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As Smriti Irani’s Ugraya Productions gears up for the launch of their big project on Zee, ‘Waaris’, we would like to remind our readers that it was Telly Buzz who came up with the news that Iqbal Khan, Yuvraj Malhotra, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rucha Gujrathi, Bhawna Roy and Khushboo Purohit (9X’s Yeh Hai Jalwa fame) will be part of the star cast.

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It was earlier reported that Iqbal Khan will be paired with Aashka Goradia while Yuvraj Malhotra will be cast opposite Rucha Gujrathi. Here is Telly Buzz coming up with some latest updates on the cast.

Instead of Aashka, it will be Shilpa Shinde of ‘Maayka’ fame who will be paired opposite the very popular Iqbal Khan in Waaris. When we called Shilpa for a confirmation, the actress readily quoted, “Yes, I am very much thrilled to be part of Waaris”. Talking about her character, the actress quips, “I play Gayathri who is shown to be the wife of Shankar played by Iqbal Khan. One can actually say that our roles are almost similar to the roles played by Rani Mukherjee and Abhishek Bachchan in Yuva”. She further adds, “It’s very challenging to play a don’s wife. I am aware of all his wrong doings and try my best to drag him out of the mess”.

The story is basically of a Don played by Ashish Vidyarthi who has two sons and a daughter. The role of the Don’s wife is played by the beautiful Indira Krishnan who played mother to Kanchi Kaul in Ek Ladki Anjaani Si. The elder son Dharma, played by Iqbal Khan is his father’s right hand while the younger son, played by Yuvraj Malhotra is kept unaware of their dealings. The Don has a sister whose role will probably be played by Ragini Shah, seen in Sahara One’s Mera Sasural. The new girls to television, Bhawna Roy will play the role of the sister’s daughter while Khushboo Purohit plays the Don’s daughter.

On the start date, our well-placed source says, “The show was to be launched on 14th July, but guess the date has been postponed now. But the time slot has been fixed for 11 PM”.

Well, the wait just can’t get longer now, what say folks??

Reporter and Author: Binita Ramchandani

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nitu123 14 years ago xactly anky...'ek bhi bahut hai for her'....kya bola yaar!!! *lolzzz*
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nitu123 14 years ago @ anky>>> yaar yeh na-may ko kya ek hi dialouge ata hai ...totey ki tarha ek hi dialouge lolzzz..???

& na-may puhlzzz say somefing nw if u've... oderwise ur 'lol' emos were better den dis...*rolls eye*
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anku- 14 years ago @Namie:-- How do I seem to be excited? :S haha! But yes, I feel happy for your friends Dal Makhni :) :$ They are very much into chaddis of others you know so thats why I am happy that they are happy with chaddi news :) I hve a great life...u on the other hand, none. Yeh toh mujhe malum haiii :D Dal makhni dal makhni dal many times do we tell, she was offered, she refused, we are so happy! I dont know why you not wanting to understand it. :S :) Wat do you find jealousy talk in here? Goodness Gracious! Help me Lord! And why wud we want a sideys role for fav. actress? Heavens, no! Never! :D

@samarth jaye par sarth na jaye:-- Your welcome! Sometimes we give importance to unimportant ppl so that they dont feel left out u know...we are that good! :) Areeee? Had hi hogayi hai! If some anti-shilpa is posting it why wont WE hve the audacity to call ourselves decent? Humara kya relation hai? FUNNY!! LOOOOL!!!!!! That was THE joke if you ask me! loool....And second, why shud we PM YOU? hah! Another joke! We arent RA-CHI okay? U mature? Yeep. From the bottom level of maturity...totally! And which site admin u wanna complain about? The same one you talked trashed against? And to that site admin about whose site you and co. talked negatively! To THAT Admin? U make me laugh! Seriously, thats jokes! lol! Haan, now about you doing it...I believe it, I do!!! :)
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Lizzie89 14 years ago @ anti-shilpaians - thank u for taking time out to comment on a post which has absolutely no connection to ur Fav. actress......btw have u guys visited the maayka forum a few months back..u kno when some anti-shilpa member created a poster depicting shilpa as some pros....yuck....i'm even disgusted to tell it out loud and someone had the audacity to DO it........and u call urselves what.....decent???? tat's a joke.............and if u dont believe me just pm, i'll give u the link.......thank god and us mature shilpa fans tat we didnt complain to the site admin.........and on top of that the person blamed US of doing it....what sh*t!!!
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nitu123 14 years ago c anky u r hurting our 'dear' Du**o dinky so much by calling her frnds c-c dat she's here 2 get her-self insulted again ...*lmao*

btw its ur frnds who r xcited about oders(basically ur hubbys chaddi..*puke*) chaddis not us ...& we r simply giving dem names 4 it u kno....u fr*** !!! now u get a life ......ohh sorry...actually i 4got it u dont 've ne..*sad*

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anku- 14 years ago @Rachi:-- Get out of the dream world, ya? Actually, yaad ni kisne but either shankar or dal makhni started about the chadi thing so we were telling them about thatt. As you can see Shankar is so attached to chaddis :) So, not a mistake just filling in shankar and dal makhni with correct info...Got it? Dont try to pyschoanalyze your!
And yes, you are soo right :) :$ Pehli baari! Vaaah!! Finally, you understood....You arent make sense Rachi. So cmonn, lets talk sense :D
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sudhirm_2007 14 years ago Entertainment world is diff from Normal man's world... Anything can happen any time... aag aur ghee ko pass pass laoge to jal jayga..
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rashi85 14 years ago oh the conversation shifted from linking idol to married pple to chaddis....welll i think pple understood they mde a mistke so now tryin2 change the topic!!

@angelz..usually who dun write or talk sense think no1 makes sense
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nitu123 14 years ago yess..yes..qk-g...we knew it dat u really gonna lurvvvv dis name *xcited*... as it 's spcl custom made 4 u....*blush*

Bingo Einstine...*claps*!!!! yes we all 've it !! but we r not 'graced' by d name 4 it *sad*
& u kno naa y u r honored by dis graceful name.... hai naa qk-ggggg??? *wink*

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shankar rox
shankar rox 14 years ago Yeah great name and I love it, thanks!

Im sure all have chaddis and have collection, now if u dont then u must stink wearing same one all the time.
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