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Sharon and Huma to battle out in Channel V's Dil Dosti Dance!

Channel V's Dil Dostii Dance is gearing up for more drama, competition in its upcoming episodes as Sharon and Huma will compete with each other.

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Channel V's popular show Dil Dostii Dance which has welcomed the new characters in the show, is all set to showcase some drama and tussle between the freshers and the seniors.

It would be right to say that, with the new entries the show has taken a new turn and is becoming exciting.

In last few episodes the viewers have seen  that the college students are organizing a freshers party, everyone is excited about the fun and frolic that is going to happen in freshers party. Seniors are reminiscing their memories of their freshers party and first year of the college whereas juniors are making fresh memories. 

Now in the show, a fight will be seen taking place between Sharon and Huma.

Our source says, "While the audience too must have seen Sharon (Vrushika Mehta) and Huma (Anusua Choudhary) giving a tashan to each other many a times but now they are going to give real tashan through their performances."

We got in touch with Anusua Chowdhury who plays Huma she says, "We are shooting freshers party sequence where me and Sharon will battle it out against each other. I have come to this college to fulfill my mom's wish and I am ready to face all the obstacles coming my way of success. Sharon conducts the audition for the dance competition and she denies selecting me for the performance in the freshers party. This annoys me and makes me angry. I decide to prove myself any how by hook or crook so that's how we both battle out. Initially we try to control ourselves but lastly we end up doing a face off."


Vrushika Mehta Anusua Chowdhury Dil Dostii Dance  Channel V 

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I-Am-SherLOCKED 6 years ago Huma and Sharon were equally good but since Sharon is Sharon, with a huge fanbase, people will overlook Huma's dancing too but being a Sharon fan myself, Huma has made tremendous progress and maybe not better, but she was as good as Sharon was and we all know what a fantastic dancer Vrushika is. So good job, Anusua!! One day you'll have a loyal and huge fanbase too!!
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bianca04 6 years ago Love you baby doll Heart.Keep rocking Smile.
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kusal 6 years ago jus luv u vrushika mehta a lot u r d true diva
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kusumbd6 6 years ago saw baby doll yest both were fav bt vrushika nailed it lyk b4 luv u vrushika
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.CoffeeStains. 6 years ago Vrushika Mehta RULES!!
And as they say "There are NO SHORTCUTS to success, Huma can NEVER win from our SRP by making her fall. Just shows her cheap tactics.
SRP Rules/Vrushika Rules!!
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Anomic_loner 6 years ago Huma makes SRP fall...well pretty much expected as it is the only way the CVs can make their Huma win :P
Vrushika Mehta is our ONLY Dancing Diva :)
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austen_TanHa 6 years ago good to see Huma is ready to do anything to win. thats the 'kill or be killed' attitude only champions have. Go Girl!
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MimiVruShan 6 years ago LOL Huma cant win.. That was obvious.. But making SRP fall.. Talk about a fair competition! AGAIN! -.-
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swayamsharon 6 years ago Love you Vrushika Mehta!!
Keep rocking
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..MiStLeToE.. 6 years ago So huma is gonna make SRP fall ..thats all she can do -_- Vrushika Mehta Rocks!
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