Shaan on hosting 'Swayamvar - Mika Di Voti': It'll be a genuine season for sure

Shaan, who is going to host 'Swayamvar - Mika Di Voti', spoke to India Forums about the show, if he had any apprehensions and more.

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Star Bharat is ramping up to entertain audiences with its upcoming non fiction show 'Swayamvar - Mika Di Voti', which will feature music superstar and much-deserved groom Mika Singh. Also turning host for this season of the Swayamvar is singer Shaan, who is also a great friend to Mika. India Forums spoke to the singer and here's what he had to say.

Ask him about how excited is he for the show, and he says,

"I am excited, I am also nervous, but more excited because it is my brother Mika, who is having a 'swayamvar' and I am going to make sure that I'll be there with him and be of whatever help I can to him."

The show as a concept has been at the receiving end of mixed reactions. Ask him if he had any apprehensions abut it, he says,

''No, I think every show is different. I know Mika from 10 years, and I am not someone who has been hired just for the show. I am genuinely involved it, I know for a fact now that he has been contemplating for many years to want to settle down and get married. I am glad he took this decision."


On what would the seaosn look like and what can we expect, he says,

"It'll be a genuine season for sure and the fact that they are very very popular and loving celebrity of the country, they are looking at someone successful, fun and someone like Mika and if they get the kind of person they are looking for, they'll come and not just they have to woo him, but he has to woo them too and I'll be there in between to make sure everything is going right, so I think it is going to be fun. It'll be a lot of music, and him being a singer, he will give some kind of music and then there's me."

As a friend cum host, ask him what would it be like to see him play both the roles, he says,

"It won't be biased or one sided, because a lot is at stake for each of the ladies who will be coming here and they have to be comfortable, I have to make sure they feel welcomed so I will make sure to do whatever I can to keep everyone comfortable, in a happy state of mind, I will do that, not create any rift or controversies."

The show is expected to go on air on Star Bharat soon.

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This show will be same as other swayamvars of Rakhi and Ratan Raajputh. No serous relationship. Just entertainment. Please spare us from that matchmaker Seema saying “I’m Seema from Mumbai” 😂 like she kept saying to each candidates in that Netflix show.

2 years ago

Another flop on Star Bharat/Flop

2 years ago

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