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Sarvagunn Sampanna will raise questions related to culture-Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor talks of her upcoming show on Imagine, Sarvagunn Sampanna..

Published: Monday,May 10, 2010 20:01 PM GMT-06:00
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Ekta Kapoor, the Czarina of Television is back with an array of new fiction shows, of which the first in the line is the tale of Swara, a Lavni based dancer who possesses all the good qualities that a perfect bride can have, but still faces problems from the society who refuse to look beyond her art form and accept her to be Sarvagunn Sampanna.
Here is Ekta Kapoor as she talks of her new Imagine show, Sarvagunn Sampanna.

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What was the idea behind the concept of Sarvagunn Sampanna?
Actually I was looking for a concept that has a background which is culturally rich, at the same time talks of certain disrespectful attributes prevalent in the society. Basically I was looking for a show based on background versus character, like the recent Marathi movie 'Natrang'. The entire credit for this concept of Lavani goes to my Creative Head Prashant Bhatt.

This is your second show after Pavitra Rishta based on Marathi cultural background, so what's your take on it?
Yes, Pavitra Rishta is doing good. So I thought of another project based on the same base. I feel Maharashtra is a state which has so much lifestyle variation within one culture. For instance lifestyle of a middle class in all respects differs from that person living in a village, so this is an attempt to portray the life of a rural cultural family.

Along with the ongoing shows, you have so many new shows lined up. How do you look at it?
I would say that leaves me with no time to exercise (smiles).

So how do you plan to strategize the different concepts of your upcoming shows?
See that is what needs to be worked out now. I'm planning to space out all the serials systematically, so that no serial feels left out at any point of time. We work for the audience with full dedication, so don't want the purpose to be defeated.

What do you think would be the USP of Sarvagunn Sampanna?
I feel Sarvagunn Sampanna will raise those questions which have never been raised by a layman suffering the trauma as this. Even today dance as an art form is looked down in some parts of the country, so this serial would raise such questions attached to the culture and will also try to detach the individual personality of a person from his/her background.

So the message and USP of the show would be to inculcate questions related to the concept of a perfect bride in society.

Why did you choose Pooja Bose as your lead again?
Basically we were looking for a face that has some facial structure resembling to those belonging to that particular cultural belt. We auditioned thousands of people for the same but then when Pooja came in for the look test, we found her perfect for the role. Above all, she is a Bharatnatyam dancer, so it gets easier for her to pick the Lavani form of dance faster.  

Reporter: Ashima Mishra
Author: Pooja Shenoy

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mariamason 12 years ago This drama has just stopped with no conclusion. If it is to be stopped then at least finish the story.
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Pranii 13 years ago i like the promo, hope the show turns out to be good to. all the best
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Salmanisthebest 13 years ago jhooooooot bolti hai naye concept koi flim se churaya hoga plot......saare serial film se copy karti hai aur end me typical ketka show ban jaata haiiiiiii
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BayAreaGuru 13 years ago Idea sound good and hope she doesn't add all those Kyunki type twists to it
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k_all_d_way 13 years ago ekta z always a sweetheart...........when z KMH returning???? n KSBKBT now dat she z back on gud terms wid star plus???Best of luck to dis show.
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P.Kamaljit.Sean 13 years ago ekta mam we want additi gupta opposite harshad
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therockstar 13 years ago @vallanki sarvagunn sampanna will air in imagine tv @7pm mon-fri
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vallanki 13 years ago which channel is telecasting this? and when?
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Piyatrix 13 years ago This content is hidden.
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matwamango 13 years ago Once you've seen her shows you have seen them all. She makes promises to break them.
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