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Sargun Mehta's character to end in the show Balika Vadhu in December?

The pretty actress Sargun Mehta is all set to tie the knot with her beau Ravi Dubey in December. She is seen playing the role of Ganga in Balika Vadhu and according to the ongoing track her character might die in the storyline...

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There is high voltage drama being seen in Sunjoy Wadhwa's Sphere Origins popular daily soap Balika Vadhu which airs on Colors.

Recently in the show we have seen the entry of the pretty actress Sargun Mehta replacing Sriti Jha who portrayed the role of Ganga in the show. Sargun has been appreciated for her role in the show now, but will we see her exit from the show soon?

According to the current track of the show Balika Vadhu we see that Jagya (Shashank Vyas) finds out that there are a lot of complications in Ganga's pregnancy and the complications might lead to Ganga's death too. The entire family is upset with this news and so is Ganga who is seen weeping over this news as she feels bad about what is happening with her and has no idea as to what step she should take.

We got in contact with our source to know about the forthcoming track of the show and he updates us saying, "In the upcoming track of the show we will get to see that Ganga risks her life and decides that she will give birth to her child."

In real life  Sargun Mehta is all set to tie the knot with her beau, actor Ravi Dubey this December.

So in all probability we will soon see the exit of Sargun Mehta from the show if things go as per the track and if it is shown that Ganga's character dies.

To know more about the same we contacted Sargun Mehta, but she was unavailable for any comments. But a source close to Sargun says, "Sargun has decided that she will take a 10 day break from the show for her marriage and then she will resume back."

With all the last minute twists and turns it just might happen that the story will be turned around and Sargun Mehta's exit entirely depends on the storyline.

Krishma Solanki

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Spring-Dew 7 years ago Why Sargun came? if her character dies soon?
Just irritating JaGan fans for promoting the story of stupid family and their psycho daughter Censored
If Sriti would be there then i will be emotional with Ganga's death Cry but now i feel disgusting only bcoz thinking about Jagya...
You make Jagya's life worse as you want and hurt his fans like us everytime but we were happy after Ganga came but now my Ganga left the show but still i was having a satisfaction that she is a girl who thinks about Jagya but now u r going to kill her also Censored
Sriti Jha did a good job by leaving this crap show , i hope Shashank Vyas too quits Cry
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Reenatyzed 7 years ago What the hell is this?>>> CVs lost thier mind
losing another gem now
Sargun Mehta u dont deserve this pathetic serial
Reply thumbs-up 3 thumbs-down
ExcuseMePlz 7 years ago Shashank Vyas,hoping to you see you onscreen more and more...
Reply thumbs-up 3 thumbs-down
Andriaa 7 years ago This is ridiculous!!!shashank vyas u r such a sweet heart...please try for some other project,,,this BV doesnt deserve u...good luck
Reply thumbs-up 3 thumbs-down
ExcuseMePlz 7 years ago shashank vyas,hope this is not true...all the best to u...
Reply thumbs-up 5 thumbs-down
-Eris- 7 years ago what the hell yaar .. am fed up .. i loved gauri the Cv s made her a vamp.. then i fell for ganga ie sriti they replaced her then now i like sargun even though not as ganga u decide to let her go as well... why dint they kill ganga next day of SR in some accident / fire ?? now u ll kill shashnak out of the montage again.. that guy is the only acommited actor u have right from the day the show took the leap.. the ph is just abusing his sincerity.. shashank neeeds to quit this show or once ganga dies they need to stop BV .. i cant even think of him with sanchi ... all this just so that sanchi and jagya are paired .. disgusted ...
Reply thumbs-up 9 thumbs-down
ExcuseMePlz 7 years ago CVs can you plz for once do some meherbani on Mr shashank vyas's fans!Please!
It was not easy to kill sriti Jha's ganga so u replaced her and before sargun could get hold on the character u decided to kill her.Good job...

You are playing with an actor's fans from past three and a half years.Why u people dont get tired!

Now when ganga will die you will once again kick him out from the montage!Or u are thinking of getting him married once again!Or getting him married with sanchi is revolving in your mind.Have some shame before showing such pathetic relation,plz.

Do you people want us to watch this show or not!Why u cant give us people little bit of happiness.

And lastly shashank vyas for god sake get out of here.Have mercy on your bacha kucha fans and have mercy on your career which you have already destroyed with your own hands by the help of your dear director and creatives.
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Shanu1818 7 years ago Sriti Jha you are awesome...the way you portrayd Ganga so convincly its impossible to accept anyone in your place. Ganga was and is Sriti Jha.
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Dhruti_rocks434 7 years ago If they realy want to end Ganga character then when Sriti Jha was there why not shown just after somedays of marriage Jagya decided to sand her somewhere for higher education, then this crap pregnency track? That would gave much better social msg then this bullshit...anyways m not watching this show after Sriti Jha left but yes I feel bad when Ganga character is dyng in every epi slowly slowly in this onec a time great show. Love you Sriti Jha missing you alot. Enjoy your brack dear. Missing you is better then desepointement.
Reply thumbs-up 7 thumbs-down
lsage 7 years ago Ganga, Jagdish, Dadisa and Manu are the most likely characters in BV right now. If this storyline is true, it makes no sense.Since Pratyusha, I can't connect with Anandi at all...the character has become too bland.
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