SaReGaMaPa Contestants Meet King Khan Shahrukh

Yes! The one and only Shahrukh Khan delights the SRGMP contestants by not only meeting them personaly but showing them why he is what he is today - the Badhsah of Bollywood!

Shahrukh could not make it to the episode whenOm Shanti Om team visited the SaReGaMaPa sets. It was the T20 finals and he was cheering the Indian cricket Team on that day at South Africa. But the contestants got the chance to meet this Super Star on 26th September when he was shooting for an ad film at a studio in Andheri east.
The contestants were too upbeat meeting the King Khan especially Aneek Dhar. " What can I say? He is such a big man and I never thought I'll get to meet him. He never got to see my performances except for Ek Chatur Naar and was full of praise for that."

So what did King Khan have to say about that performance, we asked and Aneek replied laughing
"He was impressed not just with my performance but also my get-up. He commented – Beta what "Mast" you were looking with all that moustaches and all, looked just like a hero. On top of it you sang so well too." Coming from the King Khan himself, to Aneek this was a compliment of a life time. On Sharukh's request he sang the song "Satrangi" which Aneek feels is a matter of honour for him. He now has just one wish – He gets the chance to do playback singing for Sharukh soon.

We also asked Raja about this meet and found even he was too overwhelmed and happy meeting the Hero. "I simply loved the man, his style everything. Best was the way he treated us. He was so friendly as if he knew us for long. He is such a simple and down to earth person. Not for once we felt we were meeting a Star. In our own language I would use just one word for him – "Milansaar". That's how we found found him."

Amanat too had almost the same feelings as the other two. "He is such a simple man. We felt as if we know each other for many years now. The way he was
hugging us, holding our hands and wishing us, it was too overwhelming. Never dreamt that I would get to meet him and that too at such close quarters!! He even asked us for refreshments but we refused as for us meeting him was enough in itself. He even signed autographs in our diaries."

We are sure these contestants would go back from this contest with some really nice memories and from their comments it looks like this meeting with King Khan would always be a memorable day for them.

Reporter: Barnali
Author: Barnali
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Aneek Dhar

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punjini 2007-10-12T01:45:56Z This is very interesting. I will try to watch this film.
delilah 2007-10-05T13:57:12Z The KING always rules..SRK is superbrilliant!!
anuj86 2007-10-01T21:02:58Z AMANAT,ANEEK & RAJA ARE LUCKY TAT THEY CUD MEET SRK And talk to him face to face like tat.
Chief Saab
Chief Saab 2007-09-30T04:39:08Z just one word for srk ...

G R E A T ...

srk is the great ..
Too_Much 2007-09-28T22:39:33Z Kool....
ab mujhe aisa lagta hai..that people will hook up to I-F esp for telly buz...
gr8 jobs hats off..
Uudee 2007-09-28T22:35:37Z Shahrukh the King Khan...As a person he is superb!!!!!!

Not King just a simple man...thats why he called King Khan :)
Gracella 2007-09-28T21:30:14Z wow!! cool! great pics and article! have to see this episode!
ialso wanted to ask.. where...where is Poonam??
samera12 2007-09-28T19:16:46Z Thank you soo much for the article and pix ;)
advil 2007-09-28T18:20:30Z Great job telebuzz...you article was the first one that had the reactions of all the three.Absolutely original piece.
bittersweet93 2007-09-28T17:24:18Z awesome! cant wait...so glad he could make it :D
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