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'Samrat will get positive again' - Vivan Bhatena

Vivan Bhatena is very upbeat playing the negative shade in Choona Hai Aasmaan... Here is the actor talking about the new twist in the serial and much more..

Published: Friday,Feb 01, 2008 08:46 AM GMT-07:00
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In Choona Hai Aasmaan, after weeks of nail-biting suspense, we finally get to know the member of Hawk who had been closely associated with the terrorists. The needle of suspicion kept moving from one person to another, and finally, to everyone’s surprise, it’s now revealed that Samrat is the man to fail the entire mission by Hawks, and that he is doing this to avenge his father’s death.

We caught up with Vivan Bhatena who plays the role of Samrat to know about the sudden twist in his characterization.

Samrat will get positive again - Vivan Bhatena
A journey from being a dutiful countryman to a completely negative shade, Vivan is very much excited to do this type of a role. “I knew about the negative shade from the very beginning, and was totally prepared for it. It feels good to be playing different kind of roles. One must always explore and try different roles. I have previously done roles in Kyunki and Kumkum which had a bit of negative shades in them", says Vivan. Comparing a negative and positive role, Vivan opines, “Nothing is easy. Both positive and negative roles need understanding. But a negative role needs more work and dedication compared to the positive ones”.

Samrat and Sameera were shown to be best buddies, but now it’s revealed that Samrat was the one who was trying to frame Sameera. Will their relationship take a completely new turn? “I cannot say about this as of now. Relationships may take new turns, but can’t say in which direction. You will have to keep watching the serial to know more”, says the actor. Along with the main track in Choona Hain Aasman, we have also witnessed love triangles. Initially, it seemed that there might be another love triangle shown in the show, between Abhi, Sam and Samrat, can we see it in near future? “Yes, such kind of track can be expected. There will be many new twists and turns coming up in the serial”, comes the reply from him.

Vivan kept his mouth zipped regarding the future track, but definitely had something to say about Samrat regaining his positive shade. “Samrat’s character will get the positive shade once again. In fact each one of our character will face a new turn with the upcoming track”, quips Vivan.

Vivan also plays the role of Shabd in Maayka. When asked about the future track of Shabd and Mahi, he said, “Maayka is a story that revolves around the relationship between Mahi and Shabd. It shows how a girl lives in her husband’s place, leaving her own Maayka. Their relationship will definitely improve and there will be some positive vibes between them. Shabd will please Mahi and give her all the happiness”.

As Vivan essays his roles to perfection, we wish the young and talented actor all the very best for his future!

Reporter and Author: Anu.Rad

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JK Dhillon @Angelic_J 16 years ago I am actually happy punjab and UP stood up for the lower casts *clap* although even i don't understand why now?
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psawyer @psawyer 16 years ago I wonder why the hue and cry now - the songs of the film have been out for ages; why did no one object to them then?!
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Aanya @kisnatulsi 15 years ago kewl!!!!! i have not seen this show a lot but i love iqbal so...
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Vijaya @vallanki 15 years ago cool article.
love in shabd role..samrat, I don't know much about it. it's good to know that shabd mahi relationship improves
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RandomSquared @RandomSquared 15 years ago omg wut?? how will he get positive?? omg i cant wait, CHA is gettin more n more interesting
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Mansi bhatia @-Mansi- 15 years ago thank god hes gonna be postive again..
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Natalie Abraham @-DulceMaria- 15 years ago that's a gr88 news, can't see Samrat as a baddie
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saba @luv_pavi 15 years ago so he will now turn in positive thatz gudd
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Ambrosia @Ambrosia 15 years ago I never thought that samrat was the real culprit. he was so sweet and supportive,this sudden twist really disappointed me. I hope he becomes the good guy soon.
Thanks for sharing.
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Ananya Pattanaik @remix_ananya 15 years ago thnx 4 d article....itz happy to knw dat samrat is gonna get bck to positive
w8ing 4 dat twist..i dnt want another luv triangle nd i dnt thnk dat dere is goin to b 1..
bt itz more dan enuf 4 me to knw dat samrat is turning bck to positive..

vivaan's my fav among all actors in cha...love u vivaan...
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