Salman Khan - The Offscreen Hero

Salman Khan is one of the coolest heroes in Bollywood. But time and again he keeps doing things that make him a real life hero. Read on to know more..


Salman Khan
is in no mood to slow down as he continues to juggle his Bollywood career and his reality television show 10 Ka Dum on Sony Entertainment Television. However, mother nature seems quite stern to make him understand that he should take it easy on his body.

According to our source, "Salman Khan turned up on the sets of 10 Ka Dum with stubble of many days. Many thought that he was growing a beard for a particular role. But it turned out that the reason was more personal than professional. Salman had actually torn a tissue in his back during a training session at the gym."

This minor injury gives the actor bouts of splitting pain. Says our source, "This torn tissue has put Salman in a very uncomfortable state. He is not even able to do his day to day activities regularly. Hence he turned up with the stubble on sets."

However, Salman saw to it that he did not make the people who are depending on him bear the brunt of what he is going through. Our source further explains, "The professional that he is, he was back on the sets in no time all spruced up, clean shaven and raring to go. The only giveaway was the short breaks he took when his back hurt too much."

Catch Salman Khan in action on 10 Ka Dum on Saturday July 11, at 9.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.


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lleyton_crazy 11 years ago This content is hidden.
chahat4u 11 years ago Ohh.... love him. Hope he get well soon.
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Get wel soon
Luv u loadz man u rock !!!
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ar78655 11 years ago Salman Bhai get well soon and recover fast, u r our Rockstar the real King Khan, no matter what others say about you

May Allah give the the strength and power to recover soon and bounce back with grace, Inshallah you will be alright King Khan
FiiLza 11 years ago Awwww Salman<3 my true hero....God Blesss u !!!!
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love you forever
you are the best
i hope you get well soon
Sani-KarAni-KSG 11 years ago aww..so nyc of him
i m nt a fan of his bt dis rilly impressed me..!!go to d doc..!!
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