Saira Banu: "Being married to Dilip Saab was like 'sharing a throne without having to slog for it"

On their 57th wedding anniversary, Saira ji gracefully journeys back in time, reminiscing about the beautiful moments she shared with Dilip Saab.

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Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu

On July 7, 2021, the world bid farewell to its most radiant star, Dilip Kumar. Following this loss, his legendary actress-wife, Saira Banu Khan, largely retreated from the public eye. However, in July of this year, Saira Banu took a remarkable step by launching an Instagram account dedicated to sharing untold anecdotes and trivia about the iconic Dilip Kumar.

Today, October 11, holds a special place in the hearts of this magical couple, as it marks their 57th anniversary. On this memorable occasion, Saira ji gracefully journeys back in time, reminiscing about the beautiful moments she shared with Dilip Saab. To commemorate their enduring love, she has chosen to share a heartfelt video that features a montage of photographs and videos from their wedding celebration.

Additionally, Saira Banu has chosen to share her sentiments through a written reflection, another treasured anecdote that she holds dear.

 It read, "Today, the 11th of October, is our wedding anniversary. I am writing specially to express my gratitude to the multitude of well-wishers and dearest friends who have thoughtfully always sent me remembrances of this magical day for both of us, Dilip Sahib and I...when time stood still for us with a million happy sparkling stars in the sky. I have resorted after 'Two Years' of his physical absence from all of us to write and tell all of you about his real-being, his anecdotes, his likes and dislikes, that I, as his wife of 57 years, would know. I want to express my happiness at the appreciation that all of you are extending to me in my efforts.

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She then added, "People have often asked me...What was it like to be married to Dilip Kumar Sahib...the 'SHAHENSHAH' and I always told them, It felt “Like Sharing a Throne without having to slog for it!. It’s a real Cinderella Story! It isn’t every day that a girl is lucky enough to be married to the man of her dreams. It would be too difficult to enlarge on this… my life with him. It would take pages and pages. In fact a book."

She also added, "If he had an immense personality, he was also a great human being, he had also being so versatile in his knowledge of the world and everything under the sun that you never feel cramped with him. He has been a book you can never stop reading because you discover a new page to it every day. His interests, apart from films ran a wide range of subjects such as Urdu and Persian Poetry, Anthropology, International Affairs, Botany, Sports, etc…This is an aspect of him that has been so enthralling and this made him a vibrant, thrilling man."

She concluded by saying, "Sahib has been that iconic guiding light not only for me, but for all those generations who have stepped forward in their lives, exemplified by his gracious presence and personality. Dilip Sahib is forever. May Allah always keep him in his love and abiding grace. Aameen!"

We wish the veteran actress keeps sharing such stories and bless our feeds with something pure and lovely to look forward to. 

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