Saira Banu takes fans down memory lane: Relives engagement day with Dilip Kumar

Saira Banu took to her social media account as she shared throwback pictures from her engagement day with Dilip Kumar.

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Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar

Celebrating timeless love and a cherished journey down memory lane, veteran Bollywood actress Saira Banu recently treated her Instagram followers to a heartwarming glimpse of her engagement day with the legendary actor Dilip Kumar

In a delightful stroll through history, Saira Banu shared precious photographs from her engagement day on October 2nd. 

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Sharing the picture, the veteran actress wrote, "This date is dearest to my heart because on 23rd August 1966 Dilip Sahib walked into my house and my Heart to wish me for my Birthday and wonder of wonders! The very next week, Sahib sought my hand in marriage from my grandmother Shamshad Abdul Waheed Khan’s approval. Consequently, on this day October 2nd, we had a quiet family ceremony where Dilip Sahib and I exchanged engagement rings and my dream of becoming Dilip Sahib’s wife stepped onto the threshold of coming true."

Adding a hashtag 'Engagement Day,' she further added, "To the entire world, this was a bolt from the blue because nobody had ever imagined this possibility since we had never worked together and had never been propelled as an 'Ideal Couple' by the imaginative media and so this news created a storm worldwide. This happening has beautiful sentimental parts to narrate as well as hilariously funny incidents that ensued which I shall write about later." 

The world watched in astonishment, as this love story unfolded. It was a surprise to many since they had never acted together and had never been touted as an 'Ideal Couple' by the media.

Ultimately, their love prevailed, and on October 11, 1966, Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar tied the knot. Saira was 22 years old, and Dilip was 44, proving that age is just a number when it comes to matters of the heart.

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uff Legends!!!!! her on instagram is so refreshing telling all these stories and being real

5 months ago

Nah, I love Saira and obviously he was a big part of her being but age is not just a number. Neither a maried Rajender Kumar nor Dilip Kumar should have been flirting with a 22 year-old. Also, he married someone else because of their inability to conceive. Just because someone chooses to let the shitty things slide for the sake of love, doesn't make it okay for a media portal to say "age is just a number."

5 months ago

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