'Saap Re Saap' on Iss Jungle...

Tonight's episode will see Akashh and Mika having a scary encounter with snakes..

With the entry of Mika in Sony's Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao, have you all been wondering what will happen when Mika and the 'Bad Boy' Akashhdeep are pitted against each other?

Well, this is what awaits you in tonight's episode. Tonight's food trial on Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao was 'Saap Re Saap' as the name suggests the celebrities were going to encounter frightening snakes. Aakashh from the yellow team and Mika from the red team were nominated for the task.

The task was as follows: A huge glass container was filled with a branch of tree in which around 10 different kinds of ferocious snakes were crawling all over. The glass container had 4 round openings, Aakashh & Mika were told to put their hands inside these openings and collect stars in between all these snakes. There were small containers inside which also had stars, so they had to open them as well. All this had to be done without taking their hand off the glass bowl. The time limit was set at 15 minutes. Bad boy Akashh was maha active; he completed the task before time... while our Mika paaji (who on any other occasion is as ferocious as a lion) was very scared and kept holding back. His performance was poor and he collected about 4 -5 stars, while Aakashh was the winner with all 10 stars.

Watch this sensational tussle on Sony's Iss Jungle tonight..

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Comments (11)

oh, feel really bad for red team!! theyre hungry again! !specially since mika, jay and chitrashi wont be eating dinner for three nights in a row!

14 years ago

i feel bad for da red team!! they r hungry again?:(

14 years ago

awww...poor red team...they are hungry again!!!

14 years ago

*Shivers* Snakes !!! ... I would hate to Be anywhere near them ... Poor Mika !!

But Glad Akash Won !!!

14 years ago

oh god... poor red team... again have to stay hungry tonight :(

14 years ago

Nooo .....want mika to win ....
red team rockzz ....want them to win ...pity them !!

14 years ago

oh sad.. feeling bad for red team.

14 years ago

shoot .. i feel sad for the red team..bt dnt wrry their day wll cme soon :)

14 years ago

Haha. I just saw a glimpse of the show yesterday and oh boy! Mika! LMAO! haha. There will be lots of controversies and ego fights between Mika and Akash/Chetan/Mona

14 years ago

thnx. poor red team. again without dinner

14 years ago

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