Rudra Soni joins the stellar cast of 'Karna Sangini'

The mythological series will have a huge cast...

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Star Plus' much awaited mythological series Karna Sangini is already creating a buzz because of its happening cast. The show will be going on-air on the 1st of October.

Karna Sangini is based on the epic tale of Mahabharata and as the name suggests, the story here will focus on the life of Karna and his wife Urvi.

Actor Rudra Soni has been roped in for the show. According to reports, he'll be playing the younger Karna in the Shashi Sumeet show.

Rudra is known for his role in Baal Veer and made his bollywood debut with Bajirao Mastani. 

As we already reported, Ashim Gulathi and Tejasswi Prakash will be featured in lead roles, actors Kinshuk Vaidya, Paras Chhabra, Sayantani Ghosh, Madirakshi Mundle, Ruslaan Sayed Rai, Yajunvendra Singh, Shivendraa Om Saainiyol and Deepak Chadha are also part of the show.

We just can't wait to watch the show, are you excited for it? Comment below.

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Sayantani Ghosh

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Tejasswi Prakash

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Deepak Chadha

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Madirakshi Mundle

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Rudra Soni

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Baal Veer

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Comments (9)

excited for karn sangini
Tejasswi Prakash can't wait to see you onscreen
love you forever and always

5 years ago

yesss very very excited. karna is my favourite character of mahabharat. and i cant wait to watch my hero's journey

5 years ago

@VSCool i don't see the whole point if you repeating the same comment in two articles!?
Answer to your question... yes.. it's another show on Karn... well i don't really know what happened with Suryaputr karn on Sony... but believe me pointing out a show based on someother show of similar concept is not right.. let the show begin.. and for your question of why shows are made more on Karn.. because karna as a character is more relatable and is also famous as a tragic hero...

5 years ago

Well, I am not at all surprised that another show is being made on Karna . He is the only beautifully etched, gloriously interesting character in Mahabharat . The character that will rule hearts even after the idea of religion leaves people's minds . His appeal transcends time, age and even religion. So happy!

5 years ago

Tejasswi Prakash will gonna rock again in KS
Eagerly waiting for the show
SP plzz release promo

5 years ago

Karn sangini means one more show on Karn ?

no idea why they are making back to back shows on karn ...

siddharth tiwari's suryaputra karn was a disaster in terms of story concept and acting

i hope they won't project a false story like that show ...

karna was a loyal friend of duryodhan and was equally responsible/participated in all the adharma... don't try to show him bechara and all ...

jo sahi hai wahi dikhao ... ant shant chize dikhane se acha hai show banao hi mat

5 years ago

I m so excited for this... Tejasswi Prakash is going to be back soon

5 years ago

Thank you for the article. Every article is just increasing the anticipation for Karna Sangini. Waiting for Tejasswi Prakash to rock as Urvi!

5 years ago

All articles and update are increasing my excitement.. and looking forward how the how the show will go
Tejasswi Prakash
Karna Sangini

5 years ago

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