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~*Baal Veer Members Introduction Corner*~

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Baal Veer Forum Rules & Regulations

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Sharmilee Raj
Sharmilee Raj

as: Baal Pari

She can use her hair like a web or a rope to throw/catch/trap things. She can block anything with her hair which are rope looking. She can catch thieves by pulling and tying them with her hair

Shama Sikander
Shama Sikander

as: Bhayankar Pari

she is the evil pari who has been thrown out of the Pari Lok because of her negative attitude towards everyone. Hence she lives in Bhayankar lok.Her ultimate desire is to head pari lok and control ...

Karishma Tanna
Karishma Tanna

as: Rani Pari

she is the head of Pari Lok. She has all the powers of Pari Lok and is the sole decision maker. She has the combined powers of all the fairies and hence she is the queen of Pari Lok. She can do ...

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