Romit Raj to quit Betiyaan..

Romit Raj who has been the only son amidst the Betiyaan of the Garodia family has decided to quit the show and move on...

We recently saw Yuvraj aka Romit Raj of Zee's Betiyaan helping the family in times of need by donating a kidney to the son-in-law of the Garodia family, Kshitij. But now the buzz is that the character of Yuvraj will be bumped off the show, as Romit Raj has decided to leave Betiyaan.

According to our source, "After the exit of Gunjan Walia who played the role of Lakshmi, it is the turn of Romit to bid farewell to the show. Yuvraj has been the pillar of the Garodia family, and we had also seen him turning a hero when he donated his kidney. But now, the character will end in a proper way and will be shown dead in the show".

When contacted Romit, he said "I am enjoying my journey in the show, and we have completed more than 500 episodes. I do not know about the story line that lies ahead, but the best people to talk about this is the production house and the channel".

We talked to Producer Dheeraj Kumar of Creative Eye who said, "I cannot comment anything on this. It is a very natural process as all the daily soap characters have to go thro' certain situations at some point or the other".

We also sent a text message to Ajay Bhalwankar, Programming Head, Zee, but he remained unavailable for comments.

Let's now see what's next in store for viewers in Betiyaan...

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (34)

This drama is no good. Lakshmi was meant to be the main character, ever since the 1st lakshmi left, the new one didn't have a big part. Durga has also left the show. Its really time for it to end. Thanks for the article

14 years ago

who's left in this show .... except for the 2 mothers all the other characters have been changed/ replaced or left

14 years ago

omg!! he is quitting and laxmi(gubjan) too....i didn't know that laxmi is also leaving..

14 years ago

I think he made the right choice by leaving the show,everyone seems to be leaving the show now. I wonder what will happen to the show now. It's sad that he is leaving i wonder who will be the next person to leave the show=[

14 years ago

Thanx. I think he made the right decision.

14 years ago

thank God, i really like romit and i think he deserves more than this dumb happy for him, he made the rite decision.

14 years ago

I hope he has a clean and respectable exit.
I really love to watch him in Maayka. Good luck!

14 years ago

god luck romit!!
anyways, they sould end this show..
almosst all the important male leads died or disappeared..aka: karan, suryakant, halki's husband, menka brother..

14 years ago

good luck in life n in future, romit


14 years ago

this show is really bboring and dragging on...

14 years ago

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