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Rohitashv appeals to the public to cast their vote on the Election Day.

Actor Rohitashv Gaur requests people to contribute in the country’s future by voting on the Election Day.

SAB TV's Lapataganj Ek Baar Phir is a lively TV series which shows daily life happenings in a small village and the funny happenings amongst the different families that reside in it.
Rohitashv Gaur plays the character of Mukundilal Sughandhilal Gupta, an upright government clerk with a refined set of moral values. Mukundi is an intelligent person and is always helpful towards his neighbors and other village folks. In the on-going track, Mukundi wants all the people of Lapataganj to be responsible citizens and cast their vote for a better government and better future of the country. He appeals to the people to consider Election Day as not a holiday to laze around but a day to decide and contribute in the country's future. 

Rohitashv said, "With the on-going elections in the country, the recent track will see me convincing people to cast their votes and be model citizens. Also on the personal front, I feel each and every citizen of our country should vote. It is not only a social responsibility but also an authority vested in us which empowers us to change the face of our nation. Even one vote can make a huge difference. The women of our country should also come forward in huge numbers and contribute in this endeavor."



Rohitashv Gaur Lapataganj Ek Baar Phir  SAB TV 

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