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Rohit Verma to turn Reva into a ravishing princess!

Rohit Verma will enter the mahal in Colors’ Aise Karo Na Vida to give Reva a makeover…

Published: Friday,Jun 11, 2010 14:53 PM GMT-06:00
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Rohit Verma who was last seen in Bigg Boss maneuvering his way through dirty politics with schemes, buckets of tears and 'god-promises' of his own, will now be seen playing a cameo in Colors' Aise Karo Na Vidaa

According to our source, "Rohit Verma is set to make a guest appearance in Aise Karo Na Vida.a He will be playing himself and will be instrumental in giving Reva (Aastha Choudhary) the ultimate makeover."

The show has shown Reva to be an innocent tomboy who gets raped by Aryamaan (Rohit Purohit).  After she suffers the disgrace, she is married fortunately to a caring and understanding person Yashwardhan (Anas Rashid). However, Reva doesn't know to dress and behave like the royal inhabitant of a palace should. Even after her wedding, she is seen walking without the pallu on her head as well as without sindoor. In fact, she wasn't even careful to wear her mangalsutra. When her mother-in-law aka Rani Maa (Kishori Shahane) sees her in such a condition, she suffers such a terrible shock that she passes away due to a stroke. This incident hurts Reva badly and she takes a decision to change herself for the better.

The source tells us, "The initiative although comes from Reva's heart for her transformation, a lot of help and motivation comes from Yash too. He helps her lot in understanding the mannerisms of the blue-bloods. He also teaches her to converse in English. Even her gait and posture is time and again kindly corrected by Yash. The viewers will get to see some soft moments between the onscreen couple."

The source adds, "Soon after, Rohit is brought in and he not only designs dresses for her but also teaches her how to adorn her with the right kind of jewelry. He teaches her to behave like a girl. Basically Rohit turns Reva from being a bleak tomboy to a sophisticated aristocrat."

Rohit Verma confirms the news saying, "Yes, I will be playing myself in a few episodes of Aise Karo Na Vidaa. I'm brought in to give Reva a makeover. As you all must have seen she is not so polished with her manners so I'm supposed to make her civilized enough to suit the mahal people."

The source further tells us, "Rohit will be seen for 2-3 episodes and his entry will be shown coming Tuesday. Soon after Reva's makeover is complete Aryamaan will re-enter the show through a masquerade party. He is shocked to see the changed Reva and finds himself attracted to her once again."

Aastha Choudhary tells us, "I'm looking forward to the makeover. With this we are going to enter a new phase in the show where I will be essaying the role of a typical rajkumari. I will b seen in the royal saris and jewelry. However I will miss the old Reva who had a simple and girl next door look"

We tried contacting Rohit Purohit but he remained unavailable for comments.

With the makeover piling up the romance between the husband and wife, the effect of Aryemaan's re entry on them tingles our curiousity…

Reporter and Author:Srividya Rajesh

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Hunk101 13 years ago I just hate this guy! God knows why is he getting so much publicity!
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Shaina_b 13 years ago The only thing to watch in the show is Yash!!!!


They did not say the right reason here!!!!!The reason was she reacted when Yash tried to put sindoor on her during a puja and declared she neither considered herself his wife nor the bahu of this palace!!!!!And this lead to the heart attack!!!!

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ChulbuliRao 13 years ago i stopped watching it when rewa was being so bad..didn't like it then..hopefully rewa behaves
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Sidarth_lover1 13 years ago AHHHHHH! im soo excited 4 her! n im not even getting the makeover! haha! lol!
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dare.devil 13 years ago @Favouriteofall - agree totally

LMAO lol......funniest reason ever....i dont think tats possible...lol dying just frm seeing ur DIL without mangal sutra...

"In fact, she wasn't even careful to wear her mangalsutra. When her mother-in-law aka Rani Maa (Kishori Shahane) sees her in such a condition, she suffers such a terrible shock that she passes away due to a stroke."
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dynamic_doll 13 years ago ROFL mother-in-law passed away bcz her did not wear sindoor nd mangalsutra. this is the funniest reason ever
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shanak.hot 13 years ago wow this going to be very interesting looking forward for this
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matwamango 13 years ago Aryaman being lusful again whatelse is new. The guy is such a sleaze. Hopefully this will bring Revash closer
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pop77 13 years ago wow Reva get makeover.Yash help him.
Maybe Aryman get closer YAsh & Reva
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debarshi_genx 13 years ago Funny Mom died bcoz bahu did not wear sindur & mangal sutra & do the pallu.Oh plese I cant laugh anymore!!!

I want to ask the creatives that are they taking revenge to the producers for non-payment by putting such a plot???
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