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Review: Plenty big moments, Farhan's Stellar Act don't entirely justify the long length of 'Toofan'

Review: *** (3/5) It also marks the reunion of director Rakeysh Omparaksh Mehra and Farhan Akhtar after their successful collaboration seven years ago in the form of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

Published: Thursday,Jul 15, 2021 18:54 PM GMT-06:00
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Amazon Prime Video's incredible run with Indian content continues as the streamer is now all set and rolling to present Toofan starring Farhan Akhtar, Mrunal Thakur and Paresh Rawal in lead roles. The film, also a victim of the pandemic was made for the big screen but now arrives on OTT. It also marks the reunion of director Rakeysh Omparaksh Mehra and Farhan Akhtar after their successful collaboration seven years ago in the form of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Here's what we think about the film-

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The Plot

The plot of the film is indeed straightforward where it is about Aziz Ali (Akhtar) and how is a local hooligan working for a big gangster. He packs a punch and delivers many punches too but one fine day, something happens and he is introduced to the world of boxing. He is immediately allured into it and goes on to become a big name in a short period. Situations, however, change too soon as he is banned from the sport for five years and now sets for a comeback.


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The Good

The Character of Ananya

While, the film is about Akhtar and his character of Ali indeed, it is the female characterization in Toofan that takes the cake. Over the years, we have witnessed how in male-led sports films, the female characters are literally just there as fillers but that is not the case with Toofan. The character of Ananya (Mrunal Thakur) is as important as Ali and in fact, she is the reason for Ali's actions on more occasions than not. This is a note for multiple filmmakers that one can pay attention to female characterization as well in a male-led sports film.


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Farhan Akhtar's Performance

Indeed, Akhtar is definitely the best thing about the film. His dedication to physical transformation was witnessed with Bhaag Milkha Bhaag already but with Toofan, the actor goes further steps ahead. Here, he isn't just a fit boxer but at a point in the film, he sports a pot belly as well and then goes back to being fit. His blood and sweat reflects on the screen and the actor is also phenomenal with his performance in the emotional scenes and carries the film really well.


Big Moments & Boxing Sequences

And finally, Toofan has some scintillating moments as we would have expected. The boxing sequences are brilliantly choreographed and not for a moment would you feel that it isn't authentic. Be it the first fight or be it Toofan's climax fight, the emotions are organic and goes in perfect tandem with the music and background score attached to those sequences.

The Music

With two brilliant tracks surrounding the word Toofan, one mellow track called Purvaiya and Ananaya, Shankar Ehsaan Loy do a great job with the music of the film. There is one instance where two songs appear literally one after the other making it too much but that is too no fault of the music directors. The background score also deserves special mention especially for the nail-biting boxing scenes.


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The Not-So-Good

Vijay Raaz's Character

We all know the phenomenal actor Vijay Raaz is. But his character in Toofan is probably one of the worst-written ones. Only present for two and a half scenes in the film, it isn't his lack of role that is a problem but you would question the presence of it. Shown as Ali's godfather and boss, he gets really mad when Ali tells him he wants to quit being a hooligan but then, throughout the film, nothing happens from Raaz's side. It is too convenient and it seems writer Anjum Rajabali forgot to add shades to his role.


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The Length

There are plenty of moments to keep you glued to the film and there is no denying that but that cannot take away from the fact that the film is indeed ridiculously long. Clocking over 2 hours and 40 minutes, it could have been shorter.

The Plot Twist

There is one plot twist, which while shocking seems extremely convenient in an ode to give the audience a mega moment of shock but not necessarily feels organic.


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The Performances

Apart from Akhtar, Mrunal Thakur as Ananya also does a good job but there are moments where her performances feels too OTT and unauthentic. Nevertheless, she pulls you right back in almost instantly. The standout performer, however, has to be the veteran Paresh Rawal. He is fantastic as a strict, cunning and even religion-biased coach and father. Other roles including Supriya Pathak, Dr. Mohan Agashe and a few special appearances are enough to make sure the acting department does their job well.


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The Verdict

Toofan was definitely made for the big screen and it is rather prevalent when you see the film. In fact, if it was seen on the big screen, the length might not have been that much of a problem as well. But even then, Toofan is definitely a worthy watch especially for Akhtar and his dedication to the character.

Rating - *** (3/5)

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