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Review: Gulal, Thats what we always expect from...

If you are weak hearted... then this movie is not for you...

Published: Saturday,Mar 14, 2009 11:40 AM GMT-06:00
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Gulaal is not the usual stereotype film yet it reaches the universal audience. (Thats what we always expect from an Anurag Kashyap movie).

We come to know the main plot as soon as the film starts...and as it progresses we see many tales in one movie... Romance... Revenge... Politics...(though disturbing at times)..

If you are weak hearted... then this movie is not for you...

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Some scenes are gruesome but then its realistic cinema.

Scenes to watch out for..

1) Raj Singh's outburst in the climax.

2) The ragging scene in the beginning.

3) Ayesha mohan's change of character.

4) Abhimanyu Singh's confrontation.

Expect a lot of expletives in this venture.

Cinematography is good by Rajeev Ravi. Dialogues are first rate. Music is passable (Ranaji is already on the charts).

Debutant Raj Singh has given a plaudable performance, K.K is good as usual ,Piyush Mishra is excellent, Abhimanyu singh proves that he is a good performer (His role could had been extended), Aditya Srivastav is ok.

Ayesha Mohan gives a fantastic performance, Mahie Gill can go places if she chooses good movies (Dev D and now Gulaal) .

On the whole, Gulaal leaves an impact but for a selective audience.

Bolly Curry Rating: 2 Chillies Out of Five

Credit for the review goes to Raj Thakur

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