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REVIEW: Ekta Kapoor's 'Chandrakanta' is a case of substandard VFX coupled with peripheral drama

Here's what we think about the show.


Colors' newly launched show, Ek Mayavi Prem Gaatha - Chandrakanta helmed by Ekta Kapoor aired it's first two episodes past weekend and as much as it had us hoping to be good, it did disappoint but also had us amazed. 

Here, we analyze all the good and the bad about the show.

Story so far:

Vijaygadh, the land of magic, Ayyars and Ayyarahs (males and females with magical powers) was ruled by the most powerful Ayyarah, the queen of Vijaygadh -Rani Ratnaprabha (Shilpa Saklani Aghnihotri). She was blessed by Lord Vishnu with Thilismi Kanjar. And, then comes the time to handover the kanjar to someone who deserves it, for which, a competition is held.

Rani Ratnaprabha decides to lead a normal human life and give away all her powers back to the kanjar, thereby praying to Lord Vishnu to return the kanjar back to her daughter after 21 years, when she becomes capable of achieving it.

Just when Maha Ayyarah Vishaka comes in for the competition, the skies darken and the entire ambiance turns gloomy, thereby marking the entry of Iravati rani (Urvashi Dholakia) with her son Veer and her husband Raja Surendra Singh. She then takes part in the competition and defeats Vishaka post which she claims the kanjar. Not trusting evil Iravati, Rani refuses to give away the kanjar to her. Iravati also asks Rani for her daughter's hand for Veer (Vishal Aaditya Singh) which she refuses upright.

Iravati then asks her Aaina (magical mirror) to show her her death, whereby it shows her Chandrakanta's face, however, Iravati fails to see it and assumes that it will be Rani Ratna Prabha who will kill her.

After knowing this, she, along with her soldiers enter the Rani's room in an attempt to kill her, however, she fails as the two manage to escape into the jungle. But, they fail to escape, leading to Raja's death. Rani then escapes the jungle with her daughter and flows her daughter away at the sea with a dolphin named Rhimjhim.

Then, on seeing a temple she successfully hides the kanjar, and dies. Iravati decides to destroy all kingdoms and kill all daughters so that no one ever kills her. 

In a far off land, a couple belonging to the fishermen tribe are worried as they have never had fruitful results in being blessed with a child. And, just then, we see Chandrakanta float away in the basket and come to them.

Meanwhile, the two are shown as grown ups. While Veer grows up to become a momma's boy, doing everything she asks for unaware of her evil intentions, Chandrakanta (Madhurima Tuli) grows up to be a pretty girl, and, the daasi (maidservant) to the two daughters of Suryagadh's king.

Suryaghadh was far from Vijayghadh and it had abled Ayyars, hence it remained unforfeited by Iravati. Iravati sends Veer to Suryaghadh in an attempt to get the princess daughters Satakshi and Sonakshi kidnapped by becoming their bodyguards. Chandrakanta is asked to take care of the princesses while they get a bodyguard. However, Veer enters their room and, that's when Chandrakanta and Veer have an encounter.

Chandrakanta follows Veer and the princesses and somehow, manages to get them back to the Raja (with Umang's help), safe and sound. Since Veer isn't habituated to defeat, he tries to follow the, however, he is stopped by his friend Teja.

Veer is then back to Vijaygadh, disappointed and frustrated, a post which Iravati makes him drink more and more. The king of Suryaghadh gives Chandrakanta and Umang gifts for saving the princesses. The next day is Chandrakanta's 21st birthday, and on the night of her birthday, she is struck with glimpses of the past where she vaguely visualizes two women fighting.

The next day, on her birthday, she is troubled by the duo of Satakshi and Sonakshi (the princesses) post which she goes by the sea side. Over there, Chandrakanta and Veer have another encounter where the former saves the latter from being injured by a Tiger. Along with Veer are Teja and Champa, to whom, Chandrakanta offers to take home.

While having their meal, they receive the message of Bhola chacha coming. However, while they reach out to him, they see that he is death. Later on, it is seen that it was Champa who killed him in order to keep their motives safe and hidden. 

Chandrakanta and her family are then accused of having killed Bhola, post which the soldiers take them to put behind the bars. Meanwhile, Veer realises that during all the fight with Bhola chacha and others, he lost his ring. And, in order to get that back (since that is the only way he can reach out to his mother), he will have to save Chandraknata and bring her back.

Ratings: *** (3/5)

The Good:

The show deserves all the applause for the amazingly done sets, courtesy, art director Chandravadan. The grandeur of the sets has been maintained just about right. It definitely does help you get over all the shabbily done VFX. 

If even the sets don't seem to be appealing enough, the little onscreen time we've seen Madhurima and Vishal share together seems to be really promising. We really do think that the duo will sure be able to manage the show's run on their shoulders if that's the kind of chemistry they have to offer.

Ratings: ***1/2 (3.5/5)

The Not So Good:

The list for this one is quite a long one. For starters, yet another classic case of pathetically done VFX. (Indian TV needs a bow for being able to watch this) We are hoping that the show does not become another Naagin.
Apart from the VFX, the concepts. They have a little inspiration drawn from various already existing ideas. Snow white, for starters. While Harry Potter had Harry talking to snakes, this one has Chandrakanta talking to Dolphins and other birds.

Ratings: *1/2 (1.5/5)


Vishal Aaditya Singh as Veer has done a commendable job. His body, his firmness and his hold over the acting prowess is definitely something to vouch for. He, again, definitely is a promising actor in the show.

Madhurima Tuli as Chandrakanta is a beauty. We are really hoping to have much better glimpses of her in the show. The firmness and valour that she as a warrior girl has shown, is applaudable.

Shilpa as Rani Ratraprabha though has a short role in the show, she has done complete justice to it. This is something different she has tried, and we think she's faired well at it.
Urvashi as Rani Iravati is, yet again worth appreciating. We've seen her play the iconic role of Komolika, and seeing her being the evil Rani that she is in the show, we think we all know that she will be good at it.

Ratings: **** (4/5)


Coming to the bottom line, despite some really horrible attempts at showing a magical world, there are bits and pieces of the show which succeed at wowing the viewers. Not having too many hopes from the show, we still are thinking that as the weeks pass by, we'll get to see a better version of it.

Ratings: *** (3/5)

What do you think about the show? Liking it or not? Leave your comments below.


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Sanchita2017 2 years ago Ekta's Chandrakanta has no similarity with the original novel, rather it has simiarity with her own serials. This leads me to think what if Ekta decides to make a serial on ' Ramayana'
tota17 3 years ago Despite all the negatives, like some really lame dialogues, horrible VFX, too much skin show..the show is definitely entertaining..Leads have good chemistry but acting front needs to be improved a lot..especially in romance only bodily contact doesnt bring out essence. Madhurima's eyes are almost expressionless
moon13308 3 years ago This is an awesome show, loving the casting, Veeer, acting, chemistry, costume, SciFi, once Again Veeer!!!!
naturesk 3 years ago Pathetic show, pathetic content, feel sorry for the actors working in this crap. VFX is terrible, dialogues are HORRIFYING. And STOP copying from PYP CK.
NandiniRaizadaa 3 years ago My personal view is that chandrakanta is the same old story of evil step mother of the hero who uses him as a weapon but hero is devoted to her. Evil stepmother killed heroine's mom and heroine will avenge her mom.
Now doesn't that sound familiar? Also it has nothing to do with the novel
vikirti 3 years ago worst show of colors...i don't like leads.both shows their body much..nd dialogue was much embarrassing "izzat loot lo".Dear makers plz...'CK ko poore kapde pehnao'..nd don't show vulgar scen just like on beach, it is not bollywood movie...
crazyaboutmanan 3 years ago india-forums again licking color's boots.. There was nothing even half decent in the show. One of the worst I have ever seen.
Luna99 3 years ago The show has no positives except for the sets
The leads have 0 chemistry.
Madhurima is still somewhat decent and but Vishal...I've no words.
He might've a hot bod but he's not at all good looking, so I can't help but puke at him.
Also his intro scene looked like David Dhawan's coming out a pool in Student of The Year.
crazyy4ashish 3 years ago Urvashi n vishal aaditya Singh were too good.. loving it
adityarox 3 years ago this is ridiculous aarambh jaise great show ko bhi 3 stars die IF ne aur is ghatiya chandrakanta ko bhi 3 lolz
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