Review: 'Abhay 3' is a Kunal Kemmu show all the way that sees interesting plot lines and characters unfold

(*** stars (3/5)) Abhay 3 manages to hold its ground on more occasions than one and leads you to the rather intriguing climax. If you have been following the franchise, you'd be in for bittersweet surprises with this one for the way the plot changes.

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Abhay 3

After two successful and critically acclaimed seasons, Abhay franchise has created its own niche in the thriller genre and now, it is streaming on Zee5. Directed by Ken Ghosh and produced by Zee Studios, Abhay S3 stars Kunal Kemmu, Asha Negi and Nidhi Singh in returning roles and Vijay Raaz, Rahul Dev, Vidya Malvade, Tanuj Virwani and Divya Agarwal as the new cast members.

Characters and backdrops:

Kunal Kemmu returns as the determined cop, Abhay Pratap Singh who faces many new unknown threats while trying to balance his professional and personal life. Asha Negi returns as Sonam and Nidhi Singh as Khushboo, Abhay’s straight arrow cop colleague. This season sees the entry of Dr. Anant Sinha (played by Vijay Raaz), the head psychiatrist of the city asylum who has a mysterious alter ego and a cult following of devoted disciples (including Vidya Malvade’s character, Nidhi). There is also Rahul Dev’s character, Avatar who is a fearless fighter, sharpshooter, and a threat to Abhay. And lastly, there is the addition of Divya Agarwal and Tanuj Virwani who play social media influencers, Harleen and Kabir but with a dark side.

Now that the series is streaming, here's our two cents about how we feel about the third season of this popular franchise.


Kunal Kemmu as the righteous cop does manage to captivate most of our attention, and his bond with son, and how it shows the vulnerable side of him is displayed well after all. He manages to do a great job as he has in the past two seasons. Most of his performances do make you wish to see more of him on the screens. Vijay as Mrityu, or death, as his name literally means, is an absolutely amazing character. While there are flaws here and there, but he pulls it off well.

Rahul and Vijay

Following that, another great performance and deserved mention is that of Rahul. Though he has a rather small appearance, he does own every bit of it. New additions Tanuj and Divya, truly have the finest tracks and it is no surprise as to why they've been so excited to see what do the fans have to say about it. However, though interesting, you wish to see more of them and their stories. Having said that, their performances are top notch and that adds an intriguing plotline to the story.

Meanwhile, Asha and Nidhi take on their roles as Sonam and Khushboo once again, and their stories seem to be making way for future seasons to come. They continue to boast of great on-screen presence much like the other two seasons.

The Good


Not going to deny that high expectations were riding on this one after the standards that the first two seasons have set. And in parts, the show does manage to get it right. Apart from the fact that every actor performs to the T, what is also interesting is the premise that the show is set up on. As it explores newer darker themes, it does lead to quite an intrigue after all. 

The show does conclude on a rather interesting note, but it would only become more interesting if things aren't left at just that and the story to follow sees some concrete resolution. It is a well executed show in most parts and what would make it get a better score is to see how loose ends are put together in the story ahead. Lucknow's backdrop is put to good use and the screenplay slides through the episodes with ease.

The Bad

However, what does not work very well is the writing that seems to have suffered. A lot about the series goes to shambles because in an attempt to explore newer themes, the ones in focus and the ones that need focus, seem to have lost its essence. One of the major loopholes that might be is how the cops operate, for things would've been very different if they simply did what they are supposed to. While there's no right and wrong in an ideal situation, there is always right and basic rules and regulations in this case after all.


Abhay 3 manages to hold its ground on more occasions than one and leads you to the rather intriguing climax. If you have been following the franchise, you'd be in for bittersweet surprises with this one for the way the plot changes.

Ratings: *** stars (3/5)

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