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Rendezvous with Aditya Narayan -The new star anchor of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Catch the new star Anchor Aditya Narayan who has bowled all the girls with his cute smile and charming looks on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007.

Published: Wednesday,May 23, 2007 00:00 AM GMT-06:00
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 He is the next singing sensation, who wants to call himself an artiste rather than a singer. Here's an exclusive chitchat with India-Forums' reporter Kirti.

How does it feel to host the show so big in such an age? You have a huge responsibility as you will be continuously compared with Sonu Nigam and Shan.

It feels very nice because it is the biggest musical show on Television and also the longest running institution of music on television as it is going for 13 years now. Singing has always been my priority and my first love and I thought that it will be a very nice opportunity performing live on stage. I love being on stage and I couldn’t say no to being on stage twice a week in front of the whole nation and 29 other countries.

How about being constantly compared with Sonu Nigam and Shaan who have hosted the show earlier?

I honestly didn’t think about the comparison with Sonu Bhaiya and Shaan da because they are already big names. To be very honest when Sonu Bhaiya started he was also 21, so he was  very young as well, and not exactly Mr. Popular. He had couple of hits and Shaan Da was there but it definitely helped him in a big way. I actually didn’t think of all this. It is a big opportunity. I will get to be on stage, I am a big Sa Re Ga Ma fan as well. I get to sing and dance on stage, try something new, which is anchoring. A very good musical environment so I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

How different do you think that this show is from the other talent hunt shows that are coming on other channels?

I believe that this is the most respected institution of music on television because there are so many names associated with it for example, Asha Bhonsle. She would not come to any talent show and this is only because she believes in this institution, and she sees so many people coming out of it. I mean the anchors had been such good singers and there are so many talents inside as well. Singers like Shrey Ghoshal, Kunal Ganjawala they all have come out of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Even last time we have Nihira and others. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has always focused on good singers rather than promoting people who are good looking, or people who have good physique or girls who are hot. There first concern is always singers. You will never hear judge commenting on the appearance of the participants, rather will try to correct flaws in your singing. They say it with the intention of people listening to them and then voting. You can’t help people who vote when someone is cute but Sa Re Ga Ma Pa doesn’t hammer it into their head that  oh! he is different, he is unique or he is good looking. The first thing they hammer in to your head is that he a good singer or not. I think primarily Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is a show for good singers.

Debojit had won the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge, but we hardly get to see him. Just one song and Debojeet is out?

People think that shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and other music shows will make a singer superstar and he will stay in the industry forever. But that is not the case. Shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is only a showcase, it is a platform and then it depends on how you take advantage of it. From a no one who have become someone. People have heard you so next time when someone says that Debojeet has sung the song then you will know that who Debojeet is. If you approach a music director and tell that you are Debojit he knows what to expect out of you. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa does not handle your career.

Lot of times in the heat of the moment, these music directors promises these young talent that they will offer work but after the show they are still struggling to find work?

Well, that is not the case. Abhijeet Sawant and Vineet had sung songs. The thing is that music directors are not a constant working machine, someone like Himesh Reshammiya ji or Vishal Shekhar ji are very consistent in their work but someone like Ismail Darbar or Bappi ji, they do not produce 10 films in a year. You also have to give in the consideration that if Ismail Darbar ji has told some singer that I will make you sing in my next movie then you have to take it to an account that has he been given the next movie as yet or not, people forget that fact as well.

Do you think the participant from other countries will generate more interest on the show?

Absolutely. It is all about being global.

Don’t you think India is good enough to get good singers that we have to look at the other countries?

Imagine if I was born in South Africa and not in India, then you would lose out a brilliant talent, wont you? It’s wrong to take it for granted that only India has good Hindi singers. We at Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, are not saying we will find the talent from outside but atleast we want to give them a chance to become singers in Bollywood Industry. All we tell these aspiring singers from outside that we are giving them an opportunity to come to Bombay and perform.

Your father Udit Narayan is in different hunt show so does that makes any difference?

Well, we interpret that both of our shows aims at finding new talent and not indulge in too much drama. I mean drama happens but forced drama is not needed. I think both are music shows showcasing singers from all over the world. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has also auditioned a couple of places outside India, so hope that good talent comes out of it and that’s all I wish.

Are you doing any playback singing for any movie?

As of now no. Offers have always poured in even when I had stopped singing. I have got both singing, acting offers. I have not taken it seriously as of now. I just came back from London two months ago.

In this contract you are allowed to sing or you can't?

I am allowed. They cannot stop me doing things apart from me all of a sudden going to Indian Idol and showing my face.

You have achieved success at such a young age with singing song in Rangeela, your famous Chota Bacha Jaan Ke, so now this chota bacha is ready to enter Bollywood?

Absolutely, I am always ready. It is just a matter of when I do things. I am a very moody person and offers keep coming and keep going. It just depends on when I feel that I can do justice to something.

So nothing challenging as for now?

Yes, as for now nothing apart from from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, but if I do get good opportunity I will definitely do it. I am not in a stage of my life where I desperately need work. I am only 19 years old. So I have a very long way to go, and I will definitely choose my work as I am not promising industry that I am going to get into full fledge playback singing right now. When I will, I will let everyone know and let you know as well.

You acted in the movie Jab Pyaar Kissi Se Hota Hai so will you like to be an actor or a singer?
Both I told you that it’s all about time.

How do you rate yourself as an actor ?

As an actor I am still at a very young age, very young stage of my life to rate anyone. I think I do not qualify for rating. I qualify for voting, but not for rating.

We have seen in the past that singers like Sonu Nigam also wanted to act but that didn’t really work for him. So are you skeptical about acting? 

I didn’t like to hurt Sonu Bhaiya’s feelings because I think he is one of the most brilliant singers in the industry but I can definitely say safely that if I was as good as an actor as him, I wouldn’t have thought about acting. Singers can become actors provided that they are good looking and can take care of their physique, primarily their acting skills.
I think some singers just take it for granted, now that I am a singer I am going to be a hit no matter how I look, how my hair is, how I am, how badly I dance or act. I don’t classify myself as a singer. I think I am an artiste, I have lot of things that I would want to do in my life. I would love to be a singer because music is my first love and singing is something I have been doing since I was born.

Well on behalf of India-Forums we wish this young lad all the very best for his career and hope he reach many milestones in his life.
Author: Kirti B.
Contact Author: kirtib

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urber 16 years ago thnx for sharin.. hez cute, adorable and totally gonna rock!!
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nsheena 16 years ago thnx 4 d article! I like aditya, hez cute. Wish him all the best
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princezna 16 years ago wow...... very nice...thnx for dis article..
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Rime 16 years ago he's soooo cute
i like his smile
thanks for the article
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Dream-Land 16 years ago Aww he is soo cute and lovely answers

he is doing very very very good job i'm in love with him lol

thanks for the article
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Prenz~13 16 years ago hes jus too cutee!!!
luved his answers!!
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Yuvika_15 16 years ago aww he's to cute... he should make it to bollywood..he's got what it takes.... i remember him in Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai..he was a darling :D
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angel n
angel n 16 years ago Aditya's enery on the show is amazing - i just wish him all the best - the show can get a bit rough when the judges start becoming aggressive and arrogant - for this i wish the young lad the best of luck...
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hiral_anju0930 16 years ago Excellent article Kirti...
Its really weired.. when udit is doing Indian Idol and Aditya is doing SRGMP...
neverthe less.. Best of luck Adi with your new show.
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Khushi. 16 years ago thanks for the article kirti...aditya is doing a great job as a host and i wish and hope he succeds in his mission...
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