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Reena's cool choices

We are back with "pasand Apni Apni', this time with lovely Reena Kapoor from Woh Rehne Wali mehlon Ki !

Petite, pretty and intelligent. A few ways to describe the talented actress. We caught up with her to get to know some of her select pasand.
Fav  movie dialogue - dharmendra fake death scene in Sholay


Fav make up brand - mac


Fav. Clothes brand - Levis


Fav musical instrument - piano


Fav resturant - China gate


Fav vacation spot - Leh


Fav song - many, but I prefer melodies, English songs


Fav movie - many


Fav. Season - winter


Fav. Co star - I cant choose, they are all so nice.  
That's it from us this time. Stay tuned for many more starry pasands only on IF Telly Buzz .
Reporter:Hiral Bhatt.
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mahwish91 2007-06-17T13:18:08Z thankx for sharing Minnie Gupta keep sending more about this serial and its characters plzzz will be very grateful take care bye.
Angelic_J 2007-06-16T18:05:31Z Thanx we both share fav brand:P Although I have many MORE fav. :$
amal 7leh
amal 7leh 2007-06-15T15:36:57Z wow i like pari she is simply tooooo gud....
Miss.Supriya 2007-06-15T04:59:13Z thnx for sharin
she is completely diff from her character
pooja1994 2007-06-15T01:28:32Z hi you like eomn and pooj and pareen

wer are you
wadhwaniki 2007-06-15T00:25:22Z thanx for sharin ,
i really like her in wrwmk ,she is very sweet
LoveInAutumn26 2007-06-14T22:14:33Z gosh!!!!! she is awesome..... i like her acting in WRWMK.....
Pachu.P 2007-06-14T21:28:17Z [COLOR=MAGENTA][SIZE=3][B]Awww...Reena is soo sweet....thanks a lot guys...and keep up the good work
anishma24 2007-06-14T20:51:23Z i like rani or pari alot!
she is so sweet!!
honey_06 2007-06-14T20:45:20Z she looks sweet...
it seems she doesnt have any single choice...
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