Reena Kapoor does a modern day Draupadi...

Reena Kapoor has set a record of sorts by going thro' five marriages in total in Sahara One's Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki...

Reena Kapoor has set a record of sorts by going thro’ five marriages over the span of 4 years as Rani and Pari in Sahara One’s Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki..

The love story kicked off when the couple Rani and Raj(Arjun Punj) won the hearts of the audiences. And with the exit of Raj came Prince, who was also played by Arjun Punj and with him, started Rani’s yet another marital journey.

With the leap taken in the story, Reena Kapoor played the role of Pari, Rani’s mother. Pari eventually got married to Saumya(Aamir Ali) and then to Dr. Manav (Vinay Jain). It was at this point when Reena bid adieu to her favorite show and Neha Janpandit came in as Rani, Pari’s daughter. But after a short period of six months, Reena is back to where she belongs, courtesy viewers’ demand to get her back.

Now that she is back to the grind, she has with her a new husband Rishabh (Karan Grover) who was earlier playing Neha’s husband…

Well, ask Reena about being married not once, but five times in the show and the actress with a smile quips, “The story demanded five marriages and I had to oblige”. However, she is quick to say, “I am very happy and content with my real-life hubby Karan and do not wish to follow the footsteps of my on-screen character Rani”.

Well, it surely seems to be ‘raining’ husbands for Reena on-screen!!

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Reena Kapoor

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Karan V Grover

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Love Story

Comments (6)

1. Rani-Raj
2. Rani-Prince
3. Pari-Saumya ( MY FAVORITE <3 )
4. Pari-Manav
5. Pari-Karan ( i think )

thankks ;)

15 years ago

thanks.i like her though but i dont watch the serial

15 years ago

i hope at least in season 3 they won''t follow the same storyline ie killing her first husband then marrying someone...creatives please think of some new track...

15 years ago

wow! That''s a lot of mariages and hubbies!

15 years ago

oh im looking forward to this movie
Good luck deepika :) I knw everyone will luv the movie!

15 years ago

double role huh!!
she has good a pretty face with beautiful features!
all the best baby..but keep ur attitude under check!

15 years ago

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