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Rather Than Copying Anybody Else's Tune I Would Prefer To Quit

Raghav Sachchar made his debut as a music-director in Bollywood with Kabul Express in which not only his music but even the song 'Ye Hai Kabul Fiza' sung by him was highly appreciated.

Published: Tuesday,Apr 01, 2008 17:24 PM GMT-06:00
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Raghav Sachchar made his debut as a music-director in Bollywood with Kabul Express in which not only his music but even the song ‘Ye Hai Kabul Fiza’ sung by him was highly appreciated. After Kabul Express and Rohit Shetty’s Sunday Raghav is all set to make a hat-trick with his upcoming film ‘On Two Three’. This is the first commercial cinema Raghav has worked on. The songs composed and sung by Raghav in this film are already doing wonders on music charts. Before coming into Bollywood he made a name for himself through an album ‘Play In Loud’, the songs of which are still remembered by the people.

Q. You have worked on the music of Kabul Express and Sunday but One Two Three is your first commercial film as a music director…
Rather Than Copying Anybody Elses Tune I Would Prefer To Quit

A. Yeah, it’s true that One Two Three is my first commercial film. I credit goes to Kumar Mangat who offered this film to me and I am working on two more projects which is been produced by him. It wasn’t due to any contract but just mere understanding in belief in each other that these things got finalized. Rohit got impressed by my songs composed in Kabul Express and gave me an opportunity to compose three songs in Sunday. Amongst these three songs Manzar which has been picturized on Tushar was also composed by me. Kumar Mangat was present there while I was composing this song where he offered me to compose music for the title song of his film One Two Three. But he liked the song so much that in the end he offered me to compose all the songs of his film. I really feel comfortable and happy working with him.

Q. You didn’t achieve the kind of name and fame through your previous films which you are getting in One Two Three. Whom would you like to give the credit for this?
A. The credit surely goes to Kumar Mangat who has promoted the film on a huge scale. Everyone must be aware the kind of promotion Kumar does which makes sure that the audiences rush to the cinema halls to view his films. That’s the reason that One Two Three’s song have got so popular. You must have also heard the song which I have sung in two voices and is very popular nowadays.

Q. In the title track of the film you have sung in both male and female voices…
A. Yeah, it’s true. I had composed music for 3-4 songs before this but this song wasn’t working well. Then I picked up some lines from all the songs like ‘saiya chodh ke na jaa’ and mixed it up with ‘One Two Three’ as it was gelling well with the title track of the film. I made Ashwini hear this song at three in the night. He liked the song but at the same time he said that he needed a female voice too as even actresses are present in the song. It was impossible for me to arrange a female singer this late night so I myself sung it in a female voice. I wanted to call Sunidhi Chauhan for the song but everyone liked my female voice so much that they decided that I would only sing in both the voices.

Q. As this trick has worked for you. So, can we expect more such experiments from you in the future?
A. See, this wasn’t intentional so I can’t predict about the future. As far as my music goes I always like to experiment with it.

Q. we have heard that you can play a lot of instrument at one time. Is it your passion or hobby?
A. Since my childhood itself I had decided to make a career in music. I was just four years old when I learnt to play harmonium. I had a deal with my dad that on my every birthday he would gift a new instrument. Since then I have developed a crazy for various instruments. I took a professional training in Australia and now the thing is that wherever I go in the world I easily start playing different instruments associated with their culture.

Q. Along with the films would you continue working on your personal albums?
A. Personal albums are closer to my heart than films. It gives me self-satisfaction. Rather then been behind the camera I like in being in front of it. Now it’s impossible that anyone would sign me as an actor in a film so at least I have an option to come on the screen through my albums. Again, you get the freedom to compose the music of your choice as there isn’t any director or producer’s pressure.

Q. Personally hat kind of music do you prefer, traditional or rock?
A. I like all kind of music which inspires me. As I have lived most of my life in west so I mostly prefer English songs. Not only this, I have had professional training in English instruments only so I like English numbers.

Q. Nowadays not only stories but even music is been copied in Bollywood giving it a name of inspiration. So can e expect you too get inspired in this way?
A. According to me inspiration is when you liked some line or tune and you make a song or tune around it. Inspiration doesn’t mean picking up the whole song with its music and taking the credit for it by packaging it in your film.

Q. So we can say that you would never copy any songs ever…
A. Never. Rather than copying anybody else’s tune I would prefer to quit this profession. I haven’t studied music to copy anybody else’s creation.

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