Ratan Rajput's exciting trip..

The actress who plays the lead role in Zee's Agle Janam finally got some time to chill off at Mahabaleshwar...

Zee's new show Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, produced by Swastik Pictures has been garnering all the praise and numbers ever since its launch. However, the entire unit has had to overcome many a hardships as they have to shoot in a remote area of a village under the most trying circumstances.

However, the lead girl of the show, Ratan Rajput who essays the character of Lali, had a reason to smile as she finally got the chance to break thro' the barriers of grueling shoot and chill off at Mahabaleshwar for a day.

"This is the first time I am getting some time off from the show. Even though I had to get back to shoot in the night, I had the whole day at my disposal. So I decided to visit the hill station Mahabaleshwar", quips an excited Ratan.

"I started early in the morning and came back by late afternoon. I did not inform my Sir about my trip, but I had taken along some of the production guys for company. We had a great time and had lots of fun", explains the girl.

Ratan brought a bag full of strawberries for the entire unit. "I went to the strawberry garden and gathered lot many of them, which I distributed amongst my unit members. I also had milk shakes with ice cream there", she adds.

The girl visited the Suicidal Point and yelled out the name of her on screen husband. "Initially I felt very awkward when I screamed out the name of my husband in the show, Ghanisiya, as I feared that people around me would feel he is my boy friend in real life (laughs", says the girl as she signs off.

Must say, a well deserved break for the hard working Ratan!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Ratan Rajput

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radhaa ki beti kuchh kar dikhayegi...LOLZZZZZZ

15 years ago

I like her very much,, very great acting... Hope it will get high trp...

15 years ago

i like the girl.she is very good actrs
performing her act very well.............

15 years ago

I''ve seen some of d epi. and I really like her acting....she fits d role perfectly

15 years ago

omg tomjerry lol mwahhhh!

thats great she got an day off lol all the best!

15 years ago

no one likes her therefore no comments from users !!!!!!!!! only view & ignore !!!!!!!

Ghanisiya.....I like strawberries too.....lolzzzz

Best Of Luck !!!!!!!!!

15 years ago

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