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Ram Kapoor Down with Eye Infection - A Monsoon Effect or Lens Effect!!

The role of J.R. Thakral has taken a toll on Ram Kapoor's health as the actor has got an eye infection due to the famous green lens of his.

Published: Friday,Jul 13, 2007 12:33 PM GMT-06:00
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Ram Kapoor Down with Eye Infection - A Monsoon Effect or Lens Effect!!
Ekta has recently introduced the wicked eerie character J.R. Thakral in Kyunki.. who seems to be obsessed with the green color so much that even his eye color is coordinated to perfect green. But the actor Ram Kapoor who is essaying this role has to bear the brunt of Ekta’s fancy and is suffering from a terrible eye infection. The actor is now restricted to the bed with high fever due to the pain and irritation in his eyes.

But, when our TellyBuzz Team caught up with Doyel, the Creative Head of Kyunki, she has another version to say. According to Doyel, “Its rainy here in Mumbai, so many are prone to catching a Viral easily. Ram came to the sets with an eye infection day before yesterday and could not complete the shoot as his eyes were getting watery and red. So we packed him up early. Yesterday, he came and shot his scene, but refused to wear his lenses. He refused to do close-ups too because of his bad eye.” On asked whether the lens Ram wears is the reason for Ram’s eye infection, Doyel was quick to say, “I don’t have any clue. Most of them in our unit are suffering from a viral because of the weather.”

One might wonder that Jai Walia got red swollen eyes because of all the crying that he is doing in Kasamh Se over his lady love Bani, but we certainly know the real reason don't we?
So don’t be surprised to see your heartthrob making a style statement by sporting a black sun glasses.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Kirti

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ramiya @rahmata 16 years ago hope u get well soon Ram
thanks for sharing
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magical mahua
magical mahua @magical mahua 16 years ago HOPE U GET WEL SOON .UR CATTY BABIES WILL DEFINATELY MISS U
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Sangita @sangitadas 16 years ago Poor Ram, I hope he gets well soon.
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Tooba fiaz @tumhari? 16 years ago ohhhhhh thats sad i hope he gets well soon and that pic is soooooooo cute thnx alot
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Priyanka @priyankap 16 years ago aww poor ram...
hope he gts well soon
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so nice @solly21 16 years ago Poor Ram, I hope you get well soon, So thats why he stopped wearing his contacts in KS. LOL
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loverocks! @loverocks! 16 years ago did he shoot during that time ????? cuz well i didn't see his eye infected and so that means he's not going to shoot for the show ?????????????????????????????
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***srk*** @***srk*** 16 years ago awwwww poor cuddles! hope he gets better soon!
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Reeshita @ree_views 16 years ago RK get well soon!! good wishes are always there for you from your fans!!
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henna @~RexKiRani~ 16 years ago aww ram hope u get well sooonnnnnnnnnn
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