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Rajeev Sen clarifies the new allegations against Charu Asopa: My daughter has been taken away from me

Sen took to his YouTube channel and said that not him but Asopa is using their daughter to gain more views on YouTube and that he doesn't get to spend much time with his daughter Ziana.

Published: Friday,Dec 02, 2022 11:50 AM GMT-07:00
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Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa

The saga between actors Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa has been one of the biggest talking points for the longest time now. The couple has continued to have an on-and-off relationship first and then wedding as well. After going back and forth with their decisions, the couple finally separated a few months ago.

Since then, both Sen and Asopa have been at it with their accusations and remarks. Recently, Charu Asopa went online and put multiple allegations on him. Now the man himself, Rajeev Sen has come forward to level all the allegations put against him. Sen took to his YouTube channel and said that not him but Asopa is using their daughter to gain more views on YouTube and that he doesn't get to spend much time with his daughter Ziana.

He first said, "Firstly, let me tell you. It is her 'bachpana'. Jahan pichle ek maheene se mene jo bhi apna content banaya hai, it is without my family unfortunately. Ziana is not with me. She is with Charu. And talking about content, Charu ne bakhoobi se Ziana ko use kiya hai to gain views."

He also informed, "We are parting ways. Papers, everything is ready and decided. We just have to sign it and we have got the date as well. You have to understand that we are no longer together. But I want us to be there for our daughter Ziana. However, when I hear such things that I use their name to gain views, I feel bad. Ziana is not with me. I am not holding her, vlogging her. But now it has come to this that I can't even mention her name. And if I do, then my views will increase. Please live life. Don't stoop to such levels. Mere paas na meri beti hai plus we are parting ways."

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Sen also mentioned that he had suggested Asopa prioritise their daughter over YouTube. He said, "I had told this to Charu a long time back, when we were on talking terms, that I think if you really love our daughter, we should take a break from YouTube. Let's focus on our daughter and her upbringing rather than putting her on camera all the time and then travelling from A to B, and B to C. Anyway, that didn't happen. But I felt if she doesn't want to go off YouTube, then she can make vlogs without Ziana and show her once in a blue moon. Then we will see if her views will increase. Obviously, they won't."

Finally, when it comes to spending time with his daughter, he said, "A lot of you are concerned about Ziana and many have accepted my parting ways with Charu. I respect that. But when you call me a bad daddy and accuse me of not taking care of Ziana, you don't understand. Ziana has not left me or it's not that I want to go away from her. She has been taken away from me. And when that's done and I am asked why am I not spending time with Ziana, then for that Charu has to cooperate and keep her ego aside. It's her zidd and pata nahi kyun itni akad hai against me and people she doesn't like according to her situation. It is not good for her and the child. It's easy for her to comment that I am not around and I am a bad father. If it would have gone my way, Ziana would have been with me and my family."

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Charu Asopa

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SoniRita 3 months ago Poor kid, this has turned so nasty.
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ChickenSoup 3 months ago During a divorce, it’s always the child that suffers. Poor kid!
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WildestDreams 3 months ago This is such a nasty divorce! I feel bad for the little kid.
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priya185 3 months ago He does seem a bit controlling about her youtube even karanvir bohra makes videos of his daughter. Not sure who is right though in the divorce situation
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