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Rahul Vaidya talks about ongoing wedding prep, when was the date decided and being a supportive partner

Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar are all set to tie the knot on July 16 and the singer got talking to India Forums about everything that is going on.

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Rahul Vaidya

Bigg Boss 14 was definitely quite the life-changing event for singer Rahul Vaidya as not only did he made it to the top 2, but he also proposed to lady love Disha Parmar on national television. While Disha also accepted his proposal on TV itself, the marriage has been one of the most awaited events as fans of 'DisHul' have been as excited as the duo themself.

The marriage date was announced a few days ago and they are all set to take the plunge on July 16 in a close intimate ceremony. Rahul Vaidya spoke to India Forums about the prep, the jitters, and more. Here's what he had to say.

Are you nervous or is it more of excitement?

I have jitters, but these are jitters of happiness. I always thought about the day that I will get married and now there are hardly a few days left and the day is here, I have been preparing, dance rehearsals are going on, everything is still going on.

Everyone has their dream wedding, but COVID-19 has played spoilsport. How close have you managed to get to it?

My dream wedding would be where I can invite everything and celebrate, but that can't happen now. However, we had already pushed the date once and we didn't want to do it again so we will celebrate with everyone who comes. It is a big day and I am very happy about it.

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When did you decide on the wedding date?

We decided the date during Khatron, we were discussing things, including COVID, availability, etc. Things got better now and they weren't very good in between so now was a good time.

We witnessed what a supportive partner you are during Gudi Padwa celebrations. This is also an inter-cultural marriage and hence, your support is important. What does Disha have to say amid all of this?

I am a very supportive husband, yes, and I know she will be saying the same thing. She told me that when you come back from Khatron, come back in one piece and I could do that. We got just 16 days and so much is happening, but this is what it is, my phone has been constantly ringing, to check in with me.

We wish Rahul and Disha all the very best on their new beginnings!

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