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Raavi learns the big truth about Shiva in Pandya Store

Gear up for the major confrontation between Shiva and Raavi in Pandya Store

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Shiva and Raavi

Courtesy : Disney+ Hotstar

Star Plus show Pandya Store has got a loyal fan-following. People adore all the characters and couples in the show. Pandya Store is produced by Sphere Origins and has a stunning ensemble cast including Krutika Desai, Shiny Doshi, Kinshuk Mahajan, Kanwar Dhillon, Alice Kaushik, Akshay Kharodia, Simran Budharup, Mohit Parmar, Srishty Maheshwari, Pallavi Rao among others.

The current track of the show revolves around Suman finally knowing about Dhara’s decision of dividing the kitchen of Pandya brothers. She also learned the fact that Dhara thrashed both Krish and Shiva. Suman confronted Dhara.

In the upcoming episode, Dev, Krish, Shiva and Raavi reach the Mukteshwar mandir to collect the holy water but they get stuck over there because of extreme whether conditions. Dev and Krish escape the danger, however Shiva gets stuck inside the temple as he tries to escape the situation along with Raavi. But Raavi tells Shiva that she’ll manage on her own as she doesn’t trust him because during their kidnap, he left her alone with the goons. 

Shiva saves Raavi from an accident and reveals to her that he never left her alone when they were kidnapped. He was rather trying to find a proper time to rescue her. Shiva states that he went outside alone and that would risk his life not Raavi’s. Raavi gets surprised and shocked to realize that all this while she was misunderstanding him.

Meanwhile, at a different location, Dhara and Gautam tries to convince Suman that the decision was taken only for the betterment of the family.

Kanwar Dhillon Alice Kaushik Pandya Store  Star Plus 

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nafees5 8 days ago We love KD and Alice as Shiva and raavi
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Mountains_Lakes 12 days ago So happy the MU is cleared. Alice Kaushik and Kanwar Dhillon did an amazing job in that scene! ❤️
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SlytherInMe. 12 days ago Glad the misunderstanding has been cleared in Pandya Store. We love Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik as Shiva and Raavi!
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BabyYoda007 13 days ago Love Alice and Kanwar. Glad misunderstanding was cleared.
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funny_fubar 13 days ago Glad the MU was cleared and not forgotten!
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GrilledCheese 13 days ago Finally! Glad Shiva and Raavi will come closer now.. yesterday's episode was marvellous, with superb acting from KD and Alice ❤️
Reply thumbs-up 3 thumbs-down 0
mpks1 13 days ago Glad the misunderstanding has been cleared by Shiva himself! Love Pandya Store and its cast. All are doing an amazing job!
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Miss_SR 14 days ago Finally the misunderstanding got cleared!!! So happy!
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Rattus_Ruhi 14 days ago The moment we waited for has finally arrived and HOWWWWW?!!!! Kanwar and Alice, you are the "Kohinoor" of ITV industry. ❤ raised to the power ♾️
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