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"I never come empty handed from a shopping mall" - Roop Durgapal

The talented actress Roop Durgapal who is on the hot seat of our crazy shopaholic column says that she likes to shop the most for shoes, bags and clothes.

TellyBuzz brings to you the column on 'Confessions of Tellywood Shopaholics.' This week we caught up with pretty Roop Durgapal aka Saanchi of Colors' popular show Balika Vadhu. We tried to find out more about Roop's shopping interests and her favorite shopping destination through this column.

Share your craze for shopping?

I am super crazy about shopping. I never come empty handed from a shopping mall.

How often do you go to shop?

I don't plan about my shopping. I can shop anytime.

What do you shop the most for?

Shoes, bags and clothes.

Your dream shopping destination?

I want to go to Dubai for the shopping festival.

Where do you prefer to shop in Mumbai?

In all the shopping malls.

What would you buy?

If given Rs. 10: Chocolate
If given Rs. 100: 
May be a bigger Chocolate
If given Rs. 1000: 
If given Rs. 1 Lakh: Bag

If given Rs. 1 Crore: A house

Share how do you feel after shopping?

I feel awesome. I just love that feeling which I get after shopping.




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.Lonewalker. 6 years ago I like this girl . She is quiet pretty , her smile is very charming . But donno why she's stuck wid a negetive character . I hope she comes as a lead soon , but yaa...for that she needs to improve her acting , which I hope with time she will Smile Her face is really not suitable for negetive roles . She's prettier than many lead actress' of various shows .
PrincessFi 6 years ago i like her acting...ppl have started actually hating her for her negative role...good job gurl :)
shabbnam 6 years ago Is this girl still around? At least go and take some acting lessons. A complete eyesore when it comes to histrionics.
hindu4lyf 9 years ago OMG Sony have bought the rights to make 'X Factor' in India?! :O This show in HUGE in the doubt the biggest music show around where virtually every winner and runner up has gone on to sing a #1 hit song.

I hope this format works in India where we actually get good singers, not ones that are forgotten after a few months. I also hope it does better than Indian Idol.
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