"I have been crazily surfing the Rock On Website" ~ Prachi Desai

Prachi Desai, the lead actress of Rock On, discusses her likes and favorites!

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Take Ten With Prachi Desai
Every week Bolly Curry will bring to you a special Take Ten Interview of the likes and favorites of Bollywood Celebrities!  We start off the Take Ten Round with the lovely and beautiful actress Prachi Desai who has already made a name for herself in the Telly World and now is making her debut later this month in Rock On With Farhan Akhtar!  Find out this beautiful damsel's favorites....

Take Ten: Prachi's Favorites!

Favorite Outfit: Anything Causal

Favorite Quote: Live your dream

Favorite Movie From 2008: Rock On

Favorite Question You Were Ever Asked In An Interview: The Pav Bhaaji Question (In case you are wondering about this question, then we have the pleasure to tell you that it was done by Bolly Curry and will be seen very soon on India-Forums!)

Favorite Website: The Rock on website! I have been crazyily surfing the Rock On Website! 

Favorite Restaurant: Zensi

Favorite Brand: AND for basic clothes and MNG (Mango)

Favorite Holiday: When we were in Bali with Ekta and the rest of our friends for New Years

Favorite Birthday: Last Year on the sets of "Kasamh Se". 

Favorite Compliment: You look like an American (hehehe)

And that's it with Prachi Desai this week but we promise to come back next week with another special Take Ten with another Bollywood Celebrity!  Till then stay tuned....

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