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Promotion Done Right: Rani discusses women’s safety with Night Patrol Police!

Rani meets special Night Patrol Police, gets tips for girls to stay safe while travelling at night...


Rani Mukerji is back on screen with her upcoming film Mardaani 2 and she plans to serve judgement over the perpetrators who break the law. The actress is currently promoting her film and the promotions couldn't get any better as she was seen interacting with the special Night Patrol team that vigilantly protects the city day in and day out.

The Night Patrol force has incredibly challenging work hours as they pull off a 12-hour long shift every single day. From 8 pm to 8 am in the morning they are constantly mobile and supremely vigilant so that we can sleep peacefully at our homes and late-night commuters can feel safe while travelling in the city.

Meeting the special all-women night patrol team Mukerji said:

Strict vigilance can prevent a lot of crimes and I salute the entire police force of our country for protecting us day and night without blinking even for a single second. I can’t imagine a society without them. Their daily sacrifices and unwavering sense of duty help us live peacefully and I want to do my small bit to highlight the incredible work being done by our police force.

- Rani Mukerji

She added, “I met an extremely specialised police unit, the night patrol team to see their work to protect the citizens at night. I was amazed seeing them at work. The amount of work they do, so that our families sleep peacefully and make commuters at odd hours feel protected is incredible. It has been an eye-opening exercise for me and I thank the Maharashtra police wholeheartedly for educating me on this.”

Kalpana Suravse who is a member of the Night Patrol team emphasized on women's security and what are the safety measures that can be taken up by late-night commuters that could be hugely beneficial in the time of need.

She said, 

We should note down the number of the transport that we choose to take while commuting at all times. In case of suspicious activity, you have the details handy to give people and call the police. Also, it is important that if you have a cell phone with GPRS facility, please keep the map on so that you know where you are heading. Also, keep the location on which helps tracking. We are always there to act swiftly but these small things can make a huge difference.

- Kalpana Suravse (A member of the Night Patrol team)

Rani’s performance in Mardaani gripped the audience with a sense of euphoria and victory against heinous acts of violence. Now, the trailer of Mardaani 2 has gripped the nation with his brilliant storyline and the fans can't stop admiring the 41-year-old actor. 

Mardaani 2 focuses on the rise in violent crimes by juveniles in India and has definitely sparked a conversation on the threat this poses on young girls.

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