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Press meet of Gold Awards

Press meet to announce the launch of Gold Awards


Monday night, the first ever global Television awards was launched at the Hyatt Regency, Mumbai.  The Gold Awards night, to be held in September this year, in Mauritius, with eminent names like Mithun Chakravarti, Rati Agnihotri, Ravi Chopra being the members of the jury.  The Gold Awards is the brainchild of Anuj Saxena of Maverick Productions and Vikas Kalantri and Pooja Ghai of White Leaf Entertainment. 
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Rati Agnihotri Vikas Kalantri Ravi Ravi Chopra Anuj Gupta Anuj Saxena

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sensitive lark
sensitive lark 2007-09-19T00:02:58Z i'm looking forward to it,they make a great couple
Singh23 2007-09-18T15:20:58Z can't wait for this movie, i love historicals i hope this one does well. both ash and hritik look good in that pic, her jewllery and his armor COOL
tvchick2006 2007-09-17T12:04:45Z All stars get paid tonnes.. nothing wrong if a superstar works overtime (they are getting paid, not doing for some charity)..
ritzy2ritz 2007-09-16T14:24:07Z that sux for her... i hope they will turn out to be hit films!
manny2rock 2007-09-16T13:23:42Z good for her...

thx for the article..
komalash 2007-09-16T09:42:25Z omg..I m so happi...thoug I cant wait for the film to release..but I didnt want it to release in Oct..along wid LCMD n Aja
-Believe- 2007-09-16T06:26:08Z over time????? lol 'RGV ki aag' jaise hogayaa kya?
Nosh007 2007-07-25T03:18:59Z thnks for posting great pics everyone's looking great
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