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Popular Buzz about Bigg Boss 8 which turned out to be a rumor!

TellyBuzz brings to you some of the popular rumors which were doing rounds the rounds before the launch of the show.

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Colors' popular reality show Bigg Boss 8 has already taken off with its contestants. The controversy based show always creates a big buzz in the media from its initial stage only. Lots of news keep doing the rounds in the media about the show and its contestants. Not all the news which does round in the media comes out to be true. The ongoing season Bigg Boss 8 also has created a lot of buzz in the media and lots of rumor mills were making the headlines.

TellyBuzz lists down a few of the popular rumors associated with the ongoing season of Bigg Boss 8.

Bigg Boss to go abroad -

The promos of the show having an airlines theme and Salman Khan as the pilot, made everyone think that this time the shoot of Bigg Boss might happen abroad. There were reports in the media that the Bigg Boss shoot is going to happen in Hong Kong this time. Even Salman was questioned by journalists in the press conference of the show about the same, to which he replied jokingly that 'Haan iss baar Colors walon ka budget badh gaya hai toh hum abroad jaaker indoor shoot karenge house mein.'

The show will air on Life OK from now onward -

The first season was aired on Sony TV, the popular reality show Bigg Boss is being aired on Colors but this time, there was a lot of buzz in the media that Bigg Boss 8 will now air on Life OK instead of Colors. Later on, this came out as a rumor and now the show remains in the kitty of Colors only.

Akshay Kumar is going to host the show -

Bollywood star Salman Khan who is considered to be an apt host for the show continues to be the host of the show but this time, there was a lot of speculation regarding the host of this season. There was a buzz in the media that this time Salman won't be hosting the show and news flashed everywhere that its Akshay Kumar who will be seen as the host of the show. Later, this news came out to be a rumor and fans are happy seeing their favorite Salman as the captain of the flight of Bigg Boss 8.

The contestants are going to be couples -

This season's Bigg Boss claimed to be totally new, with a new theme, new tasks and a change in the format regarding the inmates of the house. We also came to know that this time, Bigg Boss inmates are going to be couples instead of single individuals like always.

The set of the show is located in Karjat -

The set of the Bigg Boss House has always been located in Lonavala but this time, the location of the set was rumored to be in Karjat. There was reports in the media that as Salman is busy shooting for his movie in Karjat, so the set of the house has been made in Karjat so that it would be easy for Salman to manage shooting for his movie as well hosting the show but this news came out to be as a rumor and the set is located in Lonavala only.

The show will go on-air in October -

Bigg Boss season 8 was supposed to go on-air on September but suddenly some sections of the media reported that due to budget issues, the launch of the show has been postponed and now it will go on-air in October instead of September. The show had its grand launch on 21st September on-screen.

Salman Khan's ex-girlfriend Sangeeta Bijlani to be one of the contestants -

Out of all the rumors, the biggest speculation which does rounds in the media is about the contestants of the house who will be entering the house. This year too, we have come across lots of rumored contestants who were supposed to enter the house as per media reports but later their news came out to be a rumor. This time, a rumored contestant's name created a big buzz in the media. We are talking about host Salman Khan's ex girlfriend Sangeeta Bijlani, who was reported to be one of the inmates of the house of this season but this news turned out to be a rumor.

Salman Khan does favoritism towards the contestants -

Salman Khan deals with each and every contestant of the house at the weekends. Somewhere he agrees to the contestants whereas sometime he doesn't but doing such things proves to be a hard deal for him as most of the times he gets accused of being biased towards the contestants whereas he pulls the leg of each and every contestant according to the game they have played. 

Sargun Mehta to be one of the contestants of the house –

Out of all the rumored contestants of the house, popular and pretty actress Sargun Mehta who plays Ganga in Balika Vadhu was also one amongst them. Her prank during the launch episode of the show made everyone believe that she is going to enter the house and news the talks started that Sargun going to enter the house but this news proved to be a rumor when she revealed the truth about her prank in front of all.


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saba113 6 years ago It was stupid on the part of those who spread this false rumor that Sargun is doing Big Boss Lols when she is not quitting Balika Vadhu then how she will come in Big Boss? logon ko Pagal samjha hai kya
Sargun Mehta is awesome in Balka Vadhu Wish Jagdish Ganga get some good track soon Balika Vadhu serial sucks without them
Reenatyzed 6 years ago Sargun Mehta
u r awesome as ganga
watching crap bv only 4 u
thank god it was only a rumour
tiny15 6 years ago sargun mehta is doing gud as ganga.i alos knew sum of the rumors r just rumors like going abroad etc. but i was sure that sargun is not doing BB.
cupcaked 6 years ago I knew that some of them were rumors although was a bit confused about some. Glad it got cleared out! Love Salman Khan and BB! :)
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