Pick of the Week-SPECIAL!

We are back with Special Edition of Pick of the week,to celebrate Monsoon..."IF Ishtyle"!

Welcome all to the Blooper Special of Pick of the Week,where we we will focus on Bloopers committed by the serial makers so its Raining BLOOPERS in the month of Monsoon...right here at Telly Buzz and enjoy your weekend with Dose of Laughter.
Special thanks to Development team of IF without their Inputs,this is just not possible!!

Karam Apna Apna :

Shiv is married to Gauri, but he still marries Ipshita. Two marriages without ending the first one is against the Hindu marriage act and all those involved should probably be arrested! But they were spotted in Ekta's birthday bash recently..something is fishy for sure.

Ghar ki Laxmi Betiyaan :

When there was no electricity at Uncle Verma's house, Karan came there and rang the doorbell. How is that possible? If there is no electricity the doorbell can't work! Miracles do happen in Indian soaps.


They are saying that Miland has build the whole hotel empire in Turkey in just 2 months.. However till last month he was in India?!! He came to Turkey one month ago so how did he build the empire in 2 months techincally in a month. With Bill Gates now the second richest man he might employ Miland to help him retain number 1 spot!!

Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi :

Ram Kapoor has entered the serial as Thakral. But wasnt he already there in the serial in another role before the leap??...seems like another case of memory lose..and this time its Ekta not Tulsi!!

Kasturi :

When members of Sabharwal family was introduced they had shown Robbie having two sisters Alaana & Divya but now suddenly we hear two more name Naina & Shivangi. Same goes for Singhnia's as viewers were under impression that Raunak is the only son but suddenly out of bloom three siblings of Raunak i.e Vikas & Vandy were introduced in the mehendi fuction and another sister Naveena's name had been mentioned two episodes back. Its raining kids at Sabharwal & Singhania's . so start counting!!

When police caught Robbie for breaking rules from where he ran later on, he was not injured but when he reached Kasturi's place he was bleeding profusely. Is this some new theory where if you run you get injured and bleed or he went to some Ration store to buy the Ketchup?

Kaajjal :

Kaajal asks Dev to stop till their wedding and then goes on to see the flashbacks of her Shagun ceremony where Dev performs all the rituals..now if Dev had just come to their house then how come within split of a second he performs that Shagun ceremony...Maybe some Editing problem or simple plain Blooper.

Dev magically appears in Kaajjal's room and nobody knows when he got discharged from the hospital,when only yesterday they showed him with saline bottle. We know that love heals fast but THIS FAST!!


Its been 20 odd years in Mamta..Krish has grown up from a small cute kid,Mamta has changed ..but Akshay's watch is still the same,which he is using from the past 20 years,seems like he can live without his wife, but not without his watch, which should have been in Museum by now.

Kasamh Se:

The three sisters lived in London till few weeks ago. How did they manage to graduate from a college in Mumbai in few months? How did Tanu become best student based on few months performance? Ekta looses track of time and place but she forgets we don't, Isnt it?

Sath Phere:

They show Pia using cell phone all the time. But when Pia is out shoppping or when she comes out of the store she uses public phone so Saloni can see her to find out that she is not in Goa and lying. hmm..nothing left to be said.

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Comments (37)

Hey I think the best one you wrote is for Kasam se and Mamta.. good one..

16 years ago

that is hilarious, thanks for the great laugh! Indian serials wouldn't be the same without its ridiculously obvious bloopers!

16 years ago

Door bells might work on batteries,And may be Pia in SP is calling from public booth so that the number can be displayed on the mobile or Callerid as to prove that she not in Goa.Comparitively Ekta's shows have more bloopers than others.

16 years ago

Oh my God, the bloopers are awesome !!!!!!!!
The bloopers of Kayamat, Mamta & Kasamh Se are really gr8888888

16 years ago

Ghar ki Laxmi Betiyaan was funnyyy lolzz

16 years ago

lol.....this is sooo funnny n true......n most of them r ekta's....lol!!!!! gud work!

16 years ago

Can't digest Kayamath blopper.
Very well written Nish...Kep it up!

16 years ago

Tht was really well written, but GKLB one was not a blooper as many of the doorbells work by batteries. I've one in my house..

16 years ago

Man it was so funny i really could not stop laughing so many bloopers in so many serials

16 years ago

I had a good time reading those and smiling at the smae time.

16 years ago

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