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Pick of the Week-September 10th -14th!

From the happenings in the serials, we pick Top 3 of the popular serials..as we will keep a close eye on their each and every step,every week!

Published: Sunday,Sep 16, 2007 13:08 PM GMT-06:00
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We are back with the All-Famous Pick of the week !! So get ready for the "Special Tadka"!! with our new Addition "Blooper of the Week Award" which will be given to the most Shocking Blooper shown in a serial!

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi:

Scene of the week:

When Karan and Nandini's Car falls, the way Bhoomi cried was really touching.Though Manthan tried really hard to kill Nandini-Karan, they are still alive, the whole scene was shoot estatically and looked so real!

Style Icon of the Week:

Nandini looking just as pretty as she is in real life, wearing wonderful sarees with subtle makeup, this sets her apart from the Bahu brigade of small screen.

Blooper of the week:

When Nandini went to jail,she was pregnent with Karan's child. Later, when she came out of jail, she didn't have Karan's child with her, So we being the audience thought he/she would make his/her entry soon. But now, after having Nandini back for like months or years, there is no mention of the Child! Looks like the creatives have forgotten about the child! Can there atleast be a mention of that long-lost child, in the future script please??
Scene of the week:

Ganga like a guide, showing the whole village to Sagar, the way she was describing the payal gifted to her by Sagar is very sweet and looked adorable.Way to go Ganga ..Looks like another love story is Blossoming!

Style Icon of the week:

Has to be Ganga looking amazing in her Salwaar-Kameez with short shirts and churidaar's.

Blooper of the week:

When Sagar gives Ganga the payal she had nearly no nails, but later when she was adoring the Payal, she had pretty long nails with Silver nailpolish. But later, when she goes to her mother and was weeping, she again had very pretty nails with French-Manicure done! In one day, how many times do the nails grow and get back to normal! Tail of changing NAILS, can anyone here solve it please?

Saath Phere:

Scene of the Week :

The "Teej puja" has been picturised quite well by the directors of the show,all women wearing red and the whole puja looked beautiful and quite authentic , it reminded you of Karan Johar movies .The scene was just a treat to the eyes.Truly indeed!

Style Icon of the Week:

This has to go to Nahar and Abhi ,Nahar looks really dashing in suits and looks like Black is made just for him and his latest trimmed hair is complimenting his suits quite well. As in Abhi's case, no matter how dark his character has gone in the show, he still looks like the boy next door, a Charmer.

Blooper of the Week:

When Pia, Saloni, & Brijesh walk in with Bhabho who everyone thinks is lying in hospital after a heart attack n is critical.. no one asks about why and how Bhabho is there? Instead they ask abt Pia and why she took so long to come from the hospital. Hmm, did they not notice Bhabho standing right there at all?? Or have they all gone 'blind' like Kaki...?

First time in the History of India Forums and Telly Buzz, we had a Tie in this category and we had no other optin , but to let two big cats out of the bag.. So we Proudly present the Award to the Two most Popular TV shows "Meri Awaz ko mil Gayee Roshni" and "Kasauti Zindagi Kay"..and the Blooper were :

Sudha was splashed in the face with mud by Pri's motorbike outside her house, and her face was covered with mud. But yet, when she entered into her house, her face was sparkling clean! And when mud is splashed on you by a passing motorbike, it doesnt just fall on ur face perfectly.. it also splashes on ur clothes as well. But there wasn't any mud on her clothes either!

Spotted by : *Kruthi*

Prerna went to get Dhara from upstairs, when she was climbing up the stairs, she was wearing an awesome Yellow saree, but when she was coming downstairs, she was wearing Orange, then again, when she gives Dhara to P2 she was wearing Yellow. What does this mean? Are we getting colour blind here, is it hypnotism of some kind??

Spotted by : ~Saara~

Stay tuned for the Pick of the Week, every week only on Telly Buzz--buzzing already.., our weekly article from the world of Television shows. Special Thanks to Dev Team of IF for their Inputs!!

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griffy.fz 16 years ago awesome and funy as always! keep rocking telly buzz!
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hiral_anju0930 16 years ago I am on the floor laughing my heart out... excllent bloopers.. i notice the meri awaz ko mil gayee roshini, how sudha cleaned her face, and u could see the blurred traces of the mud, but then her clothes were clean.. height of carelessness...
and the kzk one, was just too good.. hehe
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Pori 16 years ago wow.. even I didnt notice the KZK blooper.. well donee
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maha786 16 years ago This content is hidden.
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DulceAmor 16 years ago Thanks...great choices. I've been wondering for ages where Karan and Nandini's child is - it's the mystery of the year! lol.
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Teesha 16 years ago Kyunkiis scene of the week was indeed awesum! Karan-Nandinis accident to Bhoomis reaction was shot n all done perfectly!

The blooper award- was hilarious! Good Job spotting Saraa n Kru...
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~*puja*~ 16 years ago ahahaha... I was wondering about Nandani's child to... where did he/she go?
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jasmeet khaneja
jasmeet khaneja 16 years ago thanks !!Funny bloopers. How can the forget nandini's child>>
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.:Ashi:. 16 years ago nice!
gr8 bloopers :)

good job everyone
esp twinnie =)
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kimmu 16 years ago lmao, the MAKMGR one was really funny! lol
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