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Pick of the Week July 23rd -27th

We are back..to give you the Latest Happenings in the Top 3 picks of the popular serials..as we will keep a close eye on their each and every step,every week!

Published: Saturday,Jul 28, 2007 11:15 AM GMT-06:00
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We are back with the All-Famous Pick of the week !! So get ready for the "Special Tadka"!! and from this time we are adding another Hilarious Feature, and it is "Blooper of the Week Award" which will be given to the most Shocking Blooper!

Parivaar-Kartavya ki Pariksha

Scene of the Week:

A big showdown between Radha and Shourya where they displayed sizzling chemistry, making them a prospective future jodi. After trying many Male leads, seems like they have found a perfect match for Radha..

Style Icon of the week:

Radha who looks beautiful with her new look - a better wardrobe and a new hairstyle.nothing left to be desired for!

Blooper of the week:

Adhiraj had an accident and only suffered a small wound on his head, but the very next day he's lying in hospital in a full body cast and has slipped in to coma? Another tearjerker melodrama or is it that they are searching for a new actor for the role ? So untill then, Be in coma please!!

Meri Doli Tere Angana

Scene of the week:

Ruhaan and Simran clear all misunderstandings between them and decide to get married again. Ruhaan plans to surprise Simran and writes her a letter and despite Sandhya stealing the letter, Simran manages to get her hands on it and reaches the mandir. The scene was wonderfully shot and caught the emotions of actors well!

Style Icon of the Week:

Ruhaan most definately, he can carry off anything be it his shirts or the pink shervani he wore when getting re-married to Simran. Ruhaan can look Hot in anything and everything, he has got some attitude for sure!

Blooper of the Week:

The clothes Ruhaan and Simran wore on their marriage night were the same when Ruhaan proposed Simran the night before,so does it mean they did not bathe on their wedding day?? Strange very strange!


Scene of the week:

The confrontation scene between Kabir and Afreen is really nice,they definitely have some spark in them and look great together, be it in the Hotel scene, Interview scene or the Bomb Blast scene, its really hard to pick, but why does Afreen hate Kabir so much, looks scripted.??.oh it is actually!

Style Icon of the Week:

Afreen without a doubt,she is fresh like the first droplet of rain, she is beautiful, cute and charming, looks like Ekta Kapoor has found another Diamond to treasure. Her choices of suits are great as well, making her look even prettier.

Blooper of the Week :

When Kabir and Afreen hugged each other after the Bomb Blast, there was nobody around not even a bird, but next morning their picture gets published in the newspaper in the same pose, looks like someone clicked them from inside the Burning Car?..Ab "Kubul" kar hee lejiyee Blooper hai.
There were many contenders running for this Prestigious Title but the Award goes to...Banoo Main Teri Dulhan and the Blooper was..

Sagar finds a picture of him and Vidya and realises that they are married to each other, but How can they have a picture of their "First Night" when it was Vidya's dream?? Apparently in serials, we are having pictures of dreams too... Technology is getting better and better or Directors are getting.....Please Fill in!

Stay tuned for the Pick of the Week, every week only on Telly Buzz--buzzing already.., our weekly article from the world of Television shows. Special Thanks to Dev Team of IF for their Inputs!!

Concept: Nishtha

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Tooba fiaz @tumhari? 16 years ago BMTD is just too much too ahead in technolgy lol thnx
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-Srishty- @-Srishty- 16 years ago Finally there are no misunderstandings between Ru-Si, shoo nice :D
BMTD is hillarious, LMAO.
Great work Nishu
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Sanz @smartc 16 years ago lmao @ BMTD blooper! That's exactly what I was wondering..
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AnotherMiracle @AnotherMiracle 16 years ago omg...the BMTD woz very funny n sooo true!
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Uma Srivastava @umi82990 16 years ago Great picks!!

I really like the new blooper award!!
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Ankita @anku2cute 16 years ago well all are gud...butt ermm meri doli tere angana the suhaag raat has not been shown yet..how cn it be a blooper

style icon fr sure is Ruhaan....ahhhhh sweetie hottie pie*blush*
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Yuvika @Yuvika_15 16 years ago BMTD's blooper was the best one out of all.... hehe...
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yogesh @yogesh_gaurip 16 years ago lol i was thinking the samefink bout BMTD its so funny lol dirctrs needs 2 be more careful
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Deeksha @dreamer_dreams 16 years ago Thanks for sharing and the bloopers were hilarious!
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dipti @Cool_Dipti 16 years ago Oho di!..that was sooo funny!!!..BMTD!..what a blooper!
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