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 We are back with the Pick of the week for this week!! Lets see which show is under fire this time round,we call it IF Tadka Special, thanks to the Development  Team of IF for their inputs!

Scene of the Week -

The scene when Yuvraj walks in seeing Pavitra faint and he announces to the whole family that Pavitra is the bahurani of the house and things will happen in the house as she wants them to. This scene was the most dhamakedar and explosive scene of this week, mainly because Menka was hurt by the very son whom she cared for above anyone else. That very son has now turned against her and towards his wife.

Style Icon of the Week -

This one is definitely Laxmi. Her costumes after her marriage with Satyakaam have improved a lot. Her sarees are awesome these days and she looks very elegant in them.

Blooper of the Week -

When Dhara ripped off pages from Bhavishya's diary, it should obviously have been discovered by Laxmi and Saraswati for two reasons. One - when a page is ripped the way Dhara did, you can obviously see the ends of the ripped part. And second - when Laxmi and Saraswati are reading the diary near the ripped page, they should have clearly seen the missing page numbers/missing dates... which they didn't !Strange but true!

Scene of the week-

KT comes out and observes Lakshya from behind the clothesline... They have a simple but touching moment, where KT wants everything to go back to normal, as before and Lakshya sadly tells her that it can't...

Style Icon of the week-

Abhir! Looking very dapper and handsome! He surely carried a certain attitude which is his USP

Blooper of the week-

Tulsi goes running after a woman who looks like Baa, FROM THE BACK! Arre mooh toh dekho! Maybe she wants to run away from the show instead.

Scene of the week-

Have you ever seen a Guy given a tearful farewell,but this is what has happened in Karam Apnaa Apnaa. Ram leaves his mother's place to live with his wife 'Palak'.

Style Icon of the week-

Gauri was our lovely Style Icon of the week looking very pretty in her White Saari and her hair left open!

Blooper of the Week-

Samar came from nowhere. He was never discussed but all of a sudden he is a twin who was kidnapped 20 years back!This is what we call  "Ekta Magic" !!

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Comments (16)

Hey I heard Dino Morea does a steamy scene in this movie!

16 years ago

wowie dis ws gud...w8ting fr kumkum to cum in dis..hehe

16 years ago

Great!! Love the pick!!
Looking frwd to next Pick of the week


16 years ago

its nice, but i wud love to see other serials like Viruddh & Love Story on this

16 years ago

Thankx Nish and DEV team for the awesome article...I agree with maha786...PICK OF THE WEEK is the Best!

16 years ago

lol... the bloopers r gud especially samar from KAA...

16 years ago

lol..nice observation on the samar bit (KAA)

16 years ago

great job yaar. hehe.. ekta magic indeed.

16 years ago

really nice article...!!!well written

16 years ago

thanks a lot for the post..

kaa was wicked this week

16 years ago

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