Phooli stands by Anandi; warns Jagya in Balika Vadhu!

Phooli confronts Jagya and warns him to stay away from Gauri in Colors' Balika Vadhu...

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Anandi's struggle to win over the love of her husband Jagya in COLORS' Balika Vadhu is on!! Jagya (Shashank Vyas) has scored around 80 percent of marks in his exams, and is scheduled to return home.. Meanwhile, Anandi (Pratyusha Banerjee) has also topped her state board exams, and is looking forward to her further studies.

Jagya returns to the village to be with his family. But his changed lifestyle and the craving to be with Gauri (Anjum Farooki) make him restless. To make matters worse, Jagya's friends get to know that he is in love with Gauri in spite of being married.

Our source states, "Jagya's friends bully him, and this conversation is overheard by Phooli (Mamta Chaturya). Phooli tactfully talks to Jagya about the other girl in his life. She warns him to stay away from doing such a mistake as it will affect many lives. She talks on behalf of her friend Anandi, and tells Jagya that he could never get a girl as good as Anandi. She asks him to cut off all ties with Gauri".

We too hear that Phooli will be the one who will help Anandi to get smarter in her life, by becoming a tutor for the girl.

We contacted Mamta Chaturya and she confirmed, "Yes, such a thing is going to happen but I can't say anything more on the track".

Let's see whether Jagya gets affected by Phooli's advice or not..

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar

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ahilajkula 7 years ago Pratyusha Banerjee ,we lpve you !
Pratyusha Banerjee ,we lpve you !

Pratyusha Banerjee ,we lpve you !
Pratyusha Banerjee ,we lpve you !
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A-HELPING-HAND 9 years ago laton ke bhoot baton se nahin mante

waiting for the time when everyone will come to know the truth especially bhairosingh and he will give a tight slap to jagdish urf jagat
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sanw 9 years ago I hope jagya gets a good scolding from phooli. she is so close to anandi & cares a llot for her
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-Nightingale- 9 years ago it will definitely be hard for Anandi to face the truth of Jagya...both the girls should teach him lesson..as both r being ditched2011-03-09 06:44:17
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dwsc 9 years ago i'm starting to like this show again...saw last week n loved it..my mom's addicted to this show...liking the new track...new anandi doing a great job...n keep it up phooli..!!!
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Ruhhee 9 years ago If the story line was going to be like this they shouldn't have shown Jayga going crazy about bringing Anandi back and consuming the marriage this is really baddd from the begining they shud have shown that Jagya has fallen for another woman not after showing that he was so happy n much in luv with Anandi then his feeling changed like that no good impression on people who does this all the time....this show shud have shown Jagya being supportive of Anandi madly in luv wiz her even going to the city n educating himself, he shud have fought for her n bring her in the city n get her educated as well not shown wat being shown now....not happpyyyyy n wrong decision ...n i will hate to c Jagya coming back to Anandi after craving about Gauri for 3 to 6 year him being in the city.....Yes, Anandi shu leave him n go....infront of everyone in the village that will be the highlight of this show....2011-03-09 06:20:52
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rajkumar11cc 9 years ago anandi should teach a lesson to jagya she has to leave the house and get smarter in life she needs to lead independent life she has to prove that jagya has no place in her life
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trendzy 9 years ago ANANDI SHOULD LEAVE JAGYA N MOVE ON IN LIFE..................
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Iriss 9 years ago really hope Anandi walks out,Jagya has made it clear his choices have changed not only by words but also by action and i know its really difficult to walk out and in Anandi's caseit will be more difficult

i can understand as we grow up our likes,dislikes,choices all change but why is he shown being rude to Anandi,least Anandi deserves the truth,Jagya should tell her everything abt his love for Gauri n help Anandi as a friend to get educated n smarter2011-03-09 05:55:52
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-GothicBeauty- 9 years ago i hate jagya..............................
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