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Perfect Bride's Contestant Vrinda in D3!

The actress steps in to fill Shakit Mohan's shoes, two entirely different characters...

After Shakti Mohan's exit from Channel V's most celebrated show, Dil Dostii Dance, the hunt to fill her spot in the show was on.It was already clarified that the character won't be a replacement for Kria (Shakti Mohan), instead an entirely new character.

The latest we hear is that the production house has found the replacement in one of the Perfect Bride's contestant, Vrinda Dawda.
A source informing about her character quips, "Vrinda Dawda would essay the role of Taani, a fun loving and bubbly girl and someone who is totally opposite to Kria in every sense. Right from her nature to her dancing she is different than Kria (Shakti Mohan) In fact, she has come to the college just to be in the presence of Rey (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh), as she is a big fan since the time she saw him performing in the Goa dance fest."

When contacted, Palki Malhotra, Fiction Head, confirmed the news, "Yes, she is a very sweet and young girl. As the character of Tina has come to college to be like Rey as she adores him a lot and that is the reason why she has taken admission in the college. Vrinda being a good dancer has to act as if she is a non-dancer. So it is a challenge for her to act. But we are happy to have her on board."

With this, Vrinda joins the bandwagon!

Reporter:Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author:Sharat Kumar


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sreeja_rox 7 years ago why isn't Vrinda tagged in this article?????????/
Bubblie1490 7 years ago I like Vrinda's acting, seems like its improving day by day. But I guess her character of Taani still needs some confidence and a boast because it seems like now when she's in relationship with Rey she is being underestimated. OR maybe its just my point of view. I would love to see if she turns out to be a strong person & not just rely on Rey. & above all I love the Taani-Rey relationship/Chemistry more than Kriya-Rey. No offense to anyone/any fans or characters, just stating my views.
samiha_taarey 7 years ago taarey is just the best couple... thnx a lot shakti 4 leaving this show otherwise we wont be able to see this best couple...2013-01-13 11:46:13
Tabbynicole16 7 years ago vrinda aka taani is best actress ever her chemistry with rey is awesome love her and love taarey
rochelleherry 7 years ago Vrinda !!! she is an brillieant actress nothing matters how many of them like her.. :/ bt still she is best ... VRINDA !!!!! thankxxx for cming in D3 we all TAAREYANS love uu Loads of luvv <3 <3 !!!
TaareyAddict 7 years ago Love u vrinda...we r so lucky to have u...:) :)
as taani u hv WON our HeartS..;)
lvupk 8 years ago taani is playing good role in d3 n she is tooo cute too..
Sweetie98 8 years ago Love u rey...u r sooo sweet and cute...nd handsome to...
salonisd 8 years ago taani(vrinda) is playing an awesome role but will she ever dance in D3
fannism 8 years ago tanni!!!!!!!!
is totally not happening...
and guyz see rey is gettting interstd in tani it shuld nt happn
tani plz go bck
see more