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Participants of Kabhie Yaar, Kabhie Pyaar

Keen to know about who are the trio particpating in Kabhie Yaar, Kabhie Pyaar..Here it is right here at Telly Buzz...


Recently, Telly Buzz broke the news of Ekta Kapoor’s upcoming reality show on Sony Entertainment Television, Kabhie Kabhie Yaar Kabhie Kabhie Pyaar. Now we bring you the names of the trios participating in the show.
Revealing the names of the participants, our well-placed source says, “Naman Shaw will be seen shaking a leg with his girlfriend along with on-screen love interest Kritika Singhal (Naina of Kya Dill Mein Hai). Mridul Sanghvi will be seen with girlfriend Tina Sachdev (choreographer) and Wasna Ahmed (Kinjal of Kahe Na Kahe). The show also has the chocolate boy Jatin Shah with his love interest Priya Bhatija and co-actor Shalini. Karnvir Bohra will appear along with wife Teejay Siddhu and on screen partner Tina Parekh. Vishal Singh, Parineeta and Dimple Jhangiani have also been finalized for the show.” Adding further our source says, “Hiten and Gauri
Tejwani have also been approached for the show but the on screen partner is still a mystery as Rakshanda Khan might host the show.So, who knows, we might see Shweta Tiwari dancing along with the duo. Shubanghi Atre is another actor who has also been approached. The actress will be seen on stage wither hubby and on screen lover Karan Patel, however it is not confirmed yet as Karan is busy with the other reality show, Kaun Jitega Bollywood Ka Ticket. The trios have begun their rehearsals from today. Varun, Rajeshwari and Suhasi were also supposed to do the show but due to unavoidable circumstances could not commit to the show.”

Now this definitely is one show that you would not want to miss!!!

Reporter:Binita Ramchandani, Ranjini Nair
Author: Melanie


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AnkitaKaran 6 years ago Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel Love u Karan Patel..***
Faraan92 10 years ago love u alooooooooooooooooooooooooooot..!!
ShellyB 12 years ago sweety really ur bringin ur label to UK well good luck with that coz tumhare kapre yaahan nahin chalenge nope!! SRK scent range didnt work here, Shilpa's S2 really ain't impressive (it stinks real bad), what makes u fink ur clothes label will?? u may be big in India but over here not so much esp not enuff to buy ur label when there are other big designer labels available
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noha450 12 years ago omg to excited to see naman and krithika together again btw when it gonna be aired?
aaliya007 12 years ago Karnvir and Tina...woohoo! can't wait to see them sizzle onscreen again :-)
kisnatulsi 12 years ago awww naman and kritika.......kewll...soo cute...can't wait to see this!!!!
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white-heat 12 years ago does neyone know if ght is doing this or not????
Kobe_Bryant 12 years ago i wish this show take time place at same time as DMG. would be awesome fight.
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