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Parivaar - Toota Hua Rishta?

An exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming episodes of Zee's popular show 'Parivaar'

Published: Monday,May 21, 2007 21:10 PM GMT-06:00
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With all the channels participating in the never ending race of churning out better shows, the production houses are now placing their money on new shows to catch the attention of the viewers. Zee’s considerably new show, Parivaar – Kartavya ki Pariksha, has recently started and has managed to build up a loyal fan base in a small period of time.

Parivaar - Toota Hua Rishta?

Zee's ‘Parivaar - Kartavya Ki Pariksha’ is indeed giving the main protagonist, Radha, a big pariksha. Just when Radha thinks her hopes and aspirations are about to come true, her dreams shatter and her heart breaks. Mohit's garage - on which they were hoping to build their new life - has now been completely destroyed.

The new week brings new problems into Radha's life. The family, to whom Radha has dedicated her entire life, has now put her own love at stake. At a juncture in life where she needs love and consolation, Radha is put on a crossroad - she must choose between her family or the love of her life when Dadi threatens to throw Radha out of the house!

But like any other female lead, Radha's problems don't end there. Dadi reveals a stunning secret to Radha that leaves her astounded. Jaya and Dadi enter into a scuffle just as they are informed that Radha is missing! Where is Radha? What is this secret and what will Radha do?

This and many other secrets are revealed this week as Radha tries to deal with the new crisis in her life. Keep watching the show for answers to all these questions and don’t forget to stay tuned as we bring you exclusive first hand information on your favourite serials!

Authors: Naina K. and Inavars
Contact Writer: Inavars, Virgo_Stars
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ruqaiyah @~LiNa~ 16 years ago thnks so much!

I wonder what this secret is...Dadi? i thought she was a nice n good old lady...what happened to her suddenly?
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Tainted Angel
Tainted Angel @Tainted Angel 16 years ago parivaar is very very good dramr and zee tv uk thanx sooo much
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Sylvia Jayalakshmi Abraham @bluedollie 16 years ago I am so sad for Radha she has done so much for that family and also Mohit to get married to radha he had done so much! Thanks for the lovely article, the info given is quite interesting. Please keep us updated with this show's upcoming tracks. I hope Radha marries Mohit only!
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GK @gk_09 16 years ago Thanks! Hopefully this show will bring a new story into Tellywood:(
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Yuks @-Yuks- 16 years ago Poor Radha. I bet you anything that this information will be that she isn't Jaya's (Aai) daughter. She is eiher from a first wife, an affair or adopted.
But wait... Her DADI threatens to kick her out? But I thought that Aaji was Radha's only friend in the house. What's up with her?
Great article guys!

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Leena @jigglypuff726 16 years ago great article! thankoo. this secret definitely a good one. it'll make radha suffer even more. :(
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Radha Shabnam @radha07 16 years ago wow great article

thanks a lotsssssss
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