Param Singh: Thank you for keeping me relevant even when I am not on social media

Fans of Param Singh got quite a treat as the actor went live on Twitter for a quick session and had nicest of things to say.

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Param Singh

Param Singh has not been one to stay too much on social media and while the actor isn't very active, he does interact with fans from time to time as and when the time is right. Today, Param went live on Twitter and interacted with his fans, leaving them in awe of the actor, all over again.

During the live, the actor answered some fun questions, told fans that he would return with something soon, and of course, thanked them for always keeping him relevant. The actor said: Thank you for keeping me relevant even when I am not on social media. He also assured his fans that he looks forward to working, and he would be back soon!

Param was last seen in Ishk Par Zor Nahi and the show went off-air due to poor numbers. However, the show did enjoy a massive fan following and does in fact, continue to grab attention from time to time.

In a chat with us earlier, Param spoke about the art that acting is and told us, ''I feel acting, or any art, takes you away from self, and sometimes brings you closer to yourself, so I think it is a very spiritual thing. I feel it is always on the move, you meet people, and you are doing different things. It is a feeling that I am not able to articulate and express, but when you feel it, you feel alive.''

Now, all that there is, is to wait to see him back on screens!

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Param is a great actor I hope to see him in a new show soon

2 years ago

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