Pandya Store: The Pandya family witnesses the demolition of the store

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, the store is reduced to rubble, leaving Chiku, Sesh, and Mithu emotionally affected.

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Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store episode commences with Dhawal (Rohit Chandel) and Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) in a confrontation with goons dispatched by Amrish. Upon receiving a picture from Amrish, one of the goons alerts others to expel Chiku as they apprehended the wrong person. Shockingly, Natasha witnesses Dhawal being assaulted, but she, too, is restrained by the goons. Unconsciously, Dhawal and Natasha are transported in a van, leaving Chiku abandoned in the farmhouse. The goons incapacitate Natasha and leave them both in a hotel room. Rocky informs Amrish of the task completion but discloses the presence of another individual.

As Dhawal begins to regain consciousness, the goons re-administer a toxic substance. Suman is dismayed to witness the demolition of the Pandya Store. Shesh and Mithu arrive, and the construction workers present legal documents for the store's demolition, signed by Natasha, the owner. Chiku regains his senses and hurries to Pandya Store. Displaying the legal papers, Chiku explains that Natasha is unconcerned about Pandya Store and plans to start anew. Suman and the Pandya brothers confront the situation, urging them to run a tractor over her before demolishing the store. Natasha revives Dhawal and calls him to rise.

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Natasha tends to Dhawal's injuries as the tractor approaches Pandya Store. Chiku takes Suman aside, witnessing her emotional breakdown as the store crumbles. Suman reminisces about the store's opening and the memories with her sons. Emotional moments unfold as the store falls apart.

Devastated, Suman recalls her children's collective effort in building and nurturing the Pandya Store. Mithu directs anger towards Natasha, blaming her for everything. Pandya Store is reduced to rubble, leaving Chiku, Shesh, and Mithu emotionally affected. Back in the hotel room, Natasha and Dhawal spot a goon approaching. Dhawal recognizes the individual and expresses concern. Suman questions Natasha's decision, asserting that such a significant choice should have been discussed. Attempts to contact Natasha fail, and Chiku reveals that Amrish is orchestrating everything. Unable to intervene, they are left with a glimmer of hope.

Natasha and Dhawal attempt to flee the hotel but are pursued by another gang sent by Amrish. Rocky informs Amrish of their escape, promising their recapture. Natasha admits to Dhawal that she can no longer run, and he gets assaulted by the pursuing goons. Suman witnesses the heartbreaking demolition of the Pandya Store sign. Shesh, Mithu, and Chiku salvage the sign as the episode concludes.

Precap: Natasha confides in Dhawal about giving their relationship a second chance despite the challenges. However, Dhawal's deceitful acquisition of signatures has again shattered her trust, and the destruction of Pandya Store symbolizes the breaking of Natasha herself.

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